Tuesday, May 21, 2013

can't think of a title

One of the worst feeling is being uncertain. I just hate it. What to do and What not to do questions block your mind and won't let you concentrate on anything. No matter how many times you make up your mind to stop thinking about it and take the day as it comes, its just not possible. If only we could just forward our days a bit and see how exactly everything has turned out. 

You must be saying its all about going through life step by step and should experience every little detail of it. I know. Have said the same and maybe even written about it in some post over here at some point of time. But right now I've just lost it. So i will write whatever comes to my mind. Anyways i have never thought twice before writing what comes to my mind. I have even written on days when my mind didn't say anything.

If you read this post and blamed yourself on wasting precious two minutes of your life, i can't help it. Anyways if every two minutes of life was oh so precious to you, would you have been sitting and reading blogs?

I'm going to stop typing now.


  1. hahahaha !! I am sorry .. I laughed ....
    if two minutes were so precious to a reader .. had he been reading blogs ? hahahha what a question u asked ?? hahaha..
    Indeed there are many blog readers for whom these two minutes are very precious !! Blog reading and selecting good ones is a job in itself and the results are indeed very precious materialistically ... :D
    By now u would have realized I am not among those blog readers who is on the hunt of great posts to make money and that I loved your post and could not stop commenting :D

    1. ha ha.. :) Glad you laughed..

      Thanks for reading..!!!