Monday, November 11, 2013

He's here finally..!!!

Eight years and I'm still getting used to my niece's tantrums and fights. God just gave me a nephew to start all over again. This fellow seems to be just like his sister. Started with his drama right from day one. Sleeps whole day and keep his mum awake along with his grandma whole night. I spent a night with him and have understood how loud he can cry and scream. Its been four days and he's made people run around him every minute.

But he's so cute. We forget everything else around him. His angry face is making us smile. His screams and cries make us think of ways to calm him down. All i want to do around him is take as many pictures of him as possible. His black eyes look around the room and stop at where there is maximum light. Oh. I can go on writing about him. :)

Here is the new addition to my family.
Saying "Hi" to his sister who's clearly very happy.:)


  1. Loved the pic Kavya, especially his sister's smile.. It's indeed such a happy moment to have a new born in the family that all the running around and anxieties attached with taking care of the little one seems worth it..

    1. Thanks..!!! :) Everything's about him now at home.. :)