Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh my god.

I watched the below video and went speechless. After few minutes, All i could say was "Oh my god". Its so awesome. Can i ever ever be as fearless as him? No way. Can i ever treat these animals with so much love and affection like him? No. 

I admire him. Anyone who watches him will say the same. 

Below is the link to the video.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Race

I have entered the race now. I know it for sure. I never wanted to. Don't know how it happened. I had no clue of the change in me. Nobody asked me to get in the line.

This race that I'm talking about is a way of Life, few of us are living. Its when we look at someone who gets something, buys something, or achieves their dream and we feel the need to do something better than them. Now, i don't know if this is good or bad. I knew many were in this race and I had not joined. But now i am. We can feel the difference in us when we are a part of this "winning over" race. I'm not proud of it. Not 'cos I'm not winning. I am winning in few and losing in few. But this is not something anyone should ever feel proud of. This is my opinion. I'm not proud only for one reason. Even when I'm winning, Its not making me happy.

Do i think its jealousy? Yes. Do i think its making me set goals in a right way? No. Does it make me happy? No. Am i able to get out of this race? No. Do i know how to get out of it? No.

I'm lost. Its making me feel sad about myself. I'm sure its just a phase and I'll get over this. But till then, its terrible.