Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Small acts with big results

I am at a stage where it really doesn't matter what the world thinks and talks about me. Only thing that matters to me now is what i think about myself. My actions and words are important to me and I want to make sure it doesn't hurt my family. I don't know what got this change in me, but it has and for good. I can feel myself being happier than used to be few months back. So as long as I'm happy, its fine i guess.

I have read in too many books and articles about this feeling. It tells us to not bother with the rest. It took me a long time to reach here and I am glad that i finally did. I do not worry about anything now. Best example is when few days back i traveled to Kerala with my team and tripped over and broke my new phone. Just few months or a year ago if this had happened, I would just sit and cry for not less than two hours, along with blaming myself, my life, God and what not. :) This time when i fell, it was actually because the train started moving and i had to catch up to it. I just got up, picked my broken phone, ran and got in the train. I kept the phone in my bag and continued with dinner and sleep. I was also pretty badly hurt, bleeding from my elbow and knee. Only thing i had on my mind was it will be fine. My phone might get fixed, if not I'll buy a new one. My wounds will heal. I wasn't crying.

This was a small incident. But this proved that I have changed over the years. Life had made me strong enough face these situations. When a really big life changing incident happens, these small things will be dealt better by us. This is my observation and I am hoping that these make me strong and brave enough to get up every time and continue.