Monday, December 29, 2014

5 Movies in 2014

Its been quite a long time since i wrote something here. All I've been doing is watching movies and working. Yes, that's all I've been doing and I want it to continue this way for few more days or months. I've cut back a bit on my reading. I want to read more than 40 books in 2015 and want to travel as much as i can afford. I am saving almost everything on travel for 2015. These two things, i hope continues for the rest of my life. There is a small list that I've made of places to visit. Will write more on this in another post. This one I want to talk about the five movies I've watched lately.

1. PK : Amir Khan. Need i say more? Its an awesome movie with everything perfectly written and shown. All of them have done such a great work that you start asking yourself if 3 idiots was better or is it PK? To be frank, I kinda liked 3 idiots more. But the best Bollywood movie for 2014 would be PK.

2. Kasturi Nivasa : This Kannada movie was released many years ago in black and white. But this was released in 2014 in color. As i hadn't watched this in black and white, thought it would be a nice movie day out with my parents considering how my dad likes only Kannada movies to watch in theaters. I took my niece along with my parents and she was the only one bored. She just wanted to watch English ones. But i loved everything about this one. I'm not a fan of Dr. Rajkumar and this movie I really liked him. Awesome acting which brought me to tears at the end. 

3. Lucy : Scarlett Johansson is amazing. I've always loved her in all her movies. Especially in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I loved her more in Lucy. Great story, acting and direction. I was a bit sad to see very less of Morgan Freeman. 

4. This Is Where I Leave You : I did not know many of the actors in this movie. Except Tina Fey and Jane Fonda. But I LOVED it.     How i wish my parents were into Hollywood, 'cos i so badly wanted to watch this one with my whole family. This would be impossible 'cos my mum watches only Bollywood and Kannada ones, Dad hates movies in general, Sis and Bro in law are full time busy, Don't even get me started with niece 'cos all she's allowed to watch are Disney ones and Nephew's just one year old and won't sit in any place for more than few seconds. Anyways, this one is a must watch for all families. 

5. Lingaa : Rajnikanth. I don't have to say anything else really. All his movies are basically of same or similar story but they are nice. But nobody in South India would like to miss his movies i guess. They are full on entertaining and you always come out of the theater wondering how on earth can he look so awesome at his age.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Year 2014

Yay.. I finished the Book Challenge that I ot myself into this year. Read 20 or more books but the below list shows the 20 of them i made a list of just for this post. :) My last book in this challenge was "Cart Before the Horse" and it was a nice read. Lot of great moments in the book and I loved the "Happily ever after" ending. :)

I am so excited about this month as its December!!!! Can't believe days are flying and we are already ready to welcome 2015.!!! I am looking forward to a wonderful year that would teach me lot of things I'm sure. 2014 has been great and bitter at times. Which year goes by only with happiness, tell me. The bitter situations obviously teach us lot more than the happier ones. I have definitely become a better and stronger person this year and hoping the new year brings in lot of love and happiness and give me strength to face the bitter ones.

I have also just put few pics of my year 2014. Its a bit too early for me to be writing this post since its just 8th of December, but who cares? :)

Book Challenge List

1 - The Choice
2 - A Convenient Bridegroom
3 - Craving Beauty
4 - First Family
5 - And the Mountains Echoed
6 - The Bankerupt
7 - The Next Always
8 - A place called Here
9 - Lolita
10- The Cuckoo's Calling
11- The Fault in our stars
12 - The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
13 - Silence
14 - Double Dare
15 - Promise You Won't Tell?
16 - Harvard Hottie
17 - Half Girlfriend.
18 - A Million Little Pieces
19 - My Friend Leonard
20 - Cart Before the Horse

Few pictures from this year, Will add more later. 

Diwali at work

Jumping time

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Friend Leonard

I finished reading "My Friend Leonard" by James Frey. This is the continuation to "A Million Little Pieces". I have to say this book was a lot more than i expected. It seemed very true and I could relate to few situations as well. I somehow knew that we were gonna lose Leonard at the end of this book. But did not want to lose him at all just like James. God.. I really liked Leonard and had tears at the end.

I do look forward to reading more of James Frey books. I don't mind if what he writes is true or not. I just don't care as long as i like what I'm reading. Now I'm googling to check if movie is made out of these two books. If there's anyone with these details, Please let me know 'cos really want to watch James Frey's life in Rehab and out of it.

I am so close to finishing my book challenge for this year, I had 20 books for this year and I'm at 19 right now. I have picked "Cart Before The Horse" by Bernadette Marie to be my 20th book for the year. I don't know what made me pick this up. Maybe just the pretty cover page. Anyways, I plan to read "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. This guy is presently my friend Nisha's fav author. :)