Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Tracks - Arijit Singh

This week's Five tracks are gonna be songs of Arijit Singh. I just love his voice. All those numbers sung by him are too good. So here are my five most liked songs of him.

First one's from the movie "Gunday" called Jiya. Its just so beautiful. Even the video is great. Really liked Arijit's voice in this and the actors have done a good job too.

Second song is from the movie "Ram Leela" called Lal Ishq. Anyone who's heard this one, will talk about how amazing the song and the video is. Its the last scene in the movie when this song's played full and it brings a tear in your eyes.

Third one's from the movie "Youngistaan" called Sangemarmar. I haven't watched the movie yet but absolutely love this song. 

Fourth song's from the movie "Barji" called Phir Le Aye Dil. Oh my god. What can i say about this one? Video, song, actors and the movie is mind blowing. I can listen to this one million times.

Fifth one's from the movie "2 States" called Mast Magan. Very nice song with a cute video.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Place Called Here - Book

After having read "The Next Always", I really wanted to read something very different and not about Romance. So i chose the book " A Place Called Here" by Cecelia Ahern. First few pages made me realize that I've chosen the right one. Just loved every bit of it. Every chapter had me hooked to it. Didn't want to keep it aside even for few minutes. As I've been bit busy with my cooking, took two days to finish this book. The Story, characters, simple language was too good. 


The Heroin is obsessed with finding things. These can be anything at anytime. Can be socks, books, clothes etc. So when her classmate goes missing, her decision is set to find missing people. Its when she goes missing, find a village of missing people with all the missing objects. Its got no location and could not be found or left by own choice.

I got the "P.S. I Love you" gifted and loved it so much that i read it at one go and almost cried at every single page with the main character. Watched the movie

as well but liked the book better. Since then I've been reading Cecelia Ahern's books.

A Place Called Here is very different compared to her other books. Its less focused on Romance and this is what i wanted at this time. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Next Always - Book

I have read quite a few books written by Nora Roberts and its all about Romance. So picked up "The Next Always" which was published in 2011.I liked the story and the characters. Simple relationship between the hero and the heroine. What i liked more was the relationship between the hero and his two brothers. But i kinda felt the timings for the heroine's three kids birth didn't fit in right. It was nice to watch the hero and heroine fall in love. It felt real.

Major boring section of the book is when it starts about the renovation and construction of the Inn. Oh god. This really got me turn few pages without reading them. Readers really don't need every bit of a detail about the renovation. Anyways, apart from these, Its a good read.