Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Do what you like.

When i was in maybe 6th or 7th grade, I had this dream to get into modelling and stuff. You know how girls are at that age right? We thought we could be Barbies and wanted everything to match from hair clip to footwear. So yea, I wanted to be a model who would walk for great designers and all. This obviously changed when i entered college. Since then I've never even watched a fashion show completely.

So at that time, I went on a train trip with my uncle and aunt. Which had me spending around 24 hours in train with them. We started talking to few people who were seated opposite us. One of them asked which school I'm from and things like that. One of the question was what I wanted to be growing up. Obviously my answer was "I want to be a model". As far as i remember they continued asking few more usual questions and ended normally. But then my uncle took me aside for a minute and said something i'll never forget. He said " Next time somebody asks you what your want to be growing up, Just say Doctor or Engineer".

Back then my thinking skills were almost zero. So just agreed with him and came back. I don't know what made me write about this now or even think about that incident. His words had no impact on me 'cos modelling profession was not serious in my mind and heart ever. But what if such words are said to those whose real dream and passion is that particular field? It would crush them. Not completely but there will be an impact on them. What's wrong in following your dream? Don't people in modelling field enjoy it? Aren't they happy? Isn't happiness what matters?

My parents have never forced me to study or follow particular profession. I really appreciate that. I also hope that everyone's given a chance to do what they like in life. 

I also wish everyone gives a hand at what they are passionate about 'cos obviously nobody wants to regret when its too late.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Tracks - Akshay Kumar

This post is on my five favorite songs of Akshay Kumar. Why have i chosen him for this post? No reason whatsoever. Just thought about him..:) 

First one has to be my all time fav "Main Jahan Rahoon" from the movie "Namastey London". I loved this movie and the song completely. Really liked Katrina's acting as well. Which is pretty rare. I haven't liked her in any other movie till now. Akshay Kumar and Katrina's pair worked so well here. 

Second one is from the movie "Bhagam Bhag" called "Tere Bin". Again, Akshay Kumar looked so comfortable and cute with Lara Dutta. Movie was a great comedy and casting was just perfect. 

Third one's from the movie "Tashan" called "Falak Tak". Movie is not worth a watch. This song is the only nice thing in the entire movie. I didn't like the pair also. I felt Saif was not required in the movie at all. Anyways enjoy the song. :)

Fourth one being from the movie "Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobara" called "Ye Tune Kya Kiya". What a song.!! Love it. Haven't watched the movie yet. So can't comment on that. 

Fifth one's from the movie "Khakee" called "Dil Dooba". Again haven't watched the movie and don't plan to. Didn't like the pair as well. Liked the song a lot though. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mom and Me..!!

Yesterday while my mum was reading newspaper, she looked up and asked where her gift is for Mother's Day. I asked her if she has bought one for her mum. That made us both laugh and she continued reading. I remembered it was Mother's Day only when she asked me about it. She remembered only after reading about it. Which is fine. I don't remember ever gifting her anything on this day. We aren't this way. If i go shopping and find something she would like, I just get it for her no matter what day it is. She does the same.

We both know what we mean to each other now. I use the word now 'cos If i had to write this same post ten years back, it would be completely different. I was at a stage to do everything that she asked me not to. God knows why that was 'cos it only hurt her more and more. She used to tell me I'll realize one day and I have. Even when I've made millions of mistakes and cried uncontrollably when realized, she's screamed at me for few minutes and cried along with me. Ten years back, i would have ran to my room after the first few minutes of being told how wrong my decision was, so that didn't give me a chance to see her crying as I was busy blaming everyone else and myself all alone in my room. But now its all different. I have become a better person, have more patience and most important of all, I stand and accept my mistake and blame others. I don't run and hide. I sit with mum and talk about where things went wrong and what next. This has only made me realize she's got a solution to almost everything. She's become more of a friend to me over the years and I love how we bond. Also know that she thinks of me as her friend.:)

I wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day..!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Five Tracks

This post is about the five songs that I've been listening to these days. These five are played over and over again till my cab stops at office/home. I plan to write the "Five tracks" post often from now on. Although i'm not really into any particular kinda music, bollywood is what I listen to most of the time. Anyways, here are the five that's in my mind a lot these days.

Like thousands of others, I absolutely love Arijith Singh's voice now. His new song from the movie "Youngistaan" is so good like the rest of his songs.

From the movie "2 States" I really liked this song. Especially the lyrics.

Amazing track by Sona Mohapatra is the below song from the movie "Fukrey". I've been a fan of Ram Sampath's music since "Satyamev Jayate"started.

Loved everything about the movie "Queen" and especially this song. One obvious reason being Arijith Singh.

Have not watched "Gunday" yet but kinda liked the songs. This being my fav.

Signed Copy..!!!

Just got the book "Bankerupt" delivered by Flipkart and its signed by the author Ravi Subramanian. Feels so great to have the signed copy. :)

I had been waiting to read this one and its time for me to start. Its so exciting to receive a new book and getting ready to start reading. Love this feeling. Another exciting thing is the author is from Bangalore and from IIMB which is like really close to my office. This has nothing to do with me choosing the book. Just wanted to share the information.

Will write about this book in few days. Have just ordered "The Next Always" by Nora Roberts. Waiting for it to be delivered. :)