Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Tracks - Akshay Kumar

This post is on my five favorite songs of Akshay Kumar. Why have i chosen him for this post? No reason whatsoever. Just thought about him..:) 

First one has to be my all time fav "Main Jahan Rahoon" from the movie "Namastey London". I loved this movie and the song completely. Really liked Katrina's acting as well. Which is pretty rare. I haven't liked her in any other movie till now. Akshay Kumar and Katrina's pair worked so well here. 

Second one is from the movie "Bhagam Bhag" called "Tere Bin". Again, Akshay Kumar looked so comfortable and cute with Lara Dutta. Movie was a great comedy and casting was just perfect. 

Third one's from the movie "Tashan" called "Falak Tak". Movie is not worth a watch. This song is the only nice thing in the entire movie. I didn't like the pair also. I felt Saif was not required in the movie at all. Anyways enjoy the song. :)

Fourth one being from the movie "Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobara" called "Ye Tune Kya Kiya". What a song.!! Love it. Haven't watched the movie yet. So can't comment on that. 

Fifth one's from the movie "Khakee" called "Dil Dooba". Again haven't watched the movie and don't plan to. Didn't like the pair as well. Liked the song a lot though. 


  1. nice most fav is falak tak,,n i agree saif was just a piece of furnture in d movie..nothing much to do na..