Monday, May 12, 2014

Mom and Me..!!

Yesterday while my mum was reading newspaper, she looked up and asked where her gift is for Mother's Day. I asked her if she has bought one for her mum. That made us both laugh and she continued reading. I remembered it was Mother's Day only when she asked me about it. She remembered only after reading about it. Which is fine. I don't remember ever gifting her anything on this day. We aren't this way. If i go shopping and find something she would like, I just get it for her no matter what day it is. She does the same.

We both know what we mean to each other now. I use the word now 'cos If i had to write this same post ten years back, it would be completely different. I was at a stage to do everything that she asked me not to. God knows why that was 'cos it only hurt her more and more. She used to tell me I'll realize one day and I have. Even when I've made millions of mistakes and cried uncontrollably when realized, she's screamed at me for few minutes and cried along with me. Ten years back, i would have ran to my room after the first few minutes of being told how wrong my decision was, so that didn't give me a chance to see her crying as I was busy blaming everyone else and myself all alone in my room. But now its all different. I have become a better person, have more patience and most important of all, I stand and accept my mistake and blame others. I don't run and hide. I sit with mum and talk about where things went wrong and what next. This has only made me realize she's got a solution to almost everything. She's become more of a friend to me over the years and I love how we bond. Also know that she thinks of me as her friend.:)

I wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day..!!!

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