Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Need/Take help.. What's wrong???

I saw my colleague who looked like he really needed someone's help. His work had piled up and was trying to be everywhere. I was not completely occupied, so told him to let me know if i can take over few things from him just so he can concentrate on more important stuff. Now, I wasn't trying to say anything else. But his reaction was so crazy. He thought i was putting him down or assumed that i was showing off my time management skills or something of that sort. It wasn't my skill of working in less time compared to him or others. It was the kinda day where you can spare time for something other than your work and so thought of asking if he needed help. You know how it is.

But this guy's reaction is making me wonder if something has changed in the world we live in. Is it considered wrong to help or take help?

Maybe people don't like the word "Help". Should i have put it across as "Are you willing to share your work with me?" or something like that. I'm all confused now.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why why why????

One thing i completely hate about Facebook is how few of them update what's on their mind all the time.

I know Facebook asks you what's on your mind every time you login but does that mean you have to answer every single time? Look, i don't hate you or have anything against you, but i don't wish to look at your picture every time i login to my account. This happens only 'cos you post your hundreds of thoughts, opinions and stuff. Now i agree we all have too too many things that goes around in our small brains. But i just don't want to scroll down my account screen more than ten times and still see your updates on how nice Bangalore weather makes you feel. I get it. We all do. We know very well you love the weather right now. So just have a cup of hot chocolate and sleep. Enough of your updates.

And stop liking your own updates and pictures. Why exactly do you do this? Why why why???

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Serious Post #2

Any of you would agree with me if i say we have been programmed from our childhood days to respect elders. We are told not to argue or raise our voice to them. We are told to take their advice and follow them as they are more experienced than us in everything. We cannot question their knowledge as they have seen the world and different stages of life more than us. Its been told to us, i mean someone of my age in families to place the elders as role models who's life decisions and their way of living should give us a path to follow.

But what happens when their words and actions hurt us? Forget about hurting us as i can understand our opinions don't match or even be close to theirs. So i won't go into this.

So when we find elders hurting someone of their age with their words and actions, what does it show to us? If we stand up to what is right and try to give a suggestion, we would be reminded of how its not up to us to advice them as we are still young. How do we keep them as someone to be followed? How can we follow something blindly when it feels wrong? So respect has nothing to do with age?

I am not really into talking about these serious stuff. Don't know why this thought came to my mind today. Want my life to be as simple as possible. I follow what feels right at the end of the day. Do what brings happiness to you. If I'm going to sleep with a smile on my face, that's enough of a reason to look forward to next morning. I want to tell my children not to follow anyone blindly irrespective of their age. I want to tell them to question anyone at every step of their life and take decisions that suits them best. While doing this, i hope they don't become selfish.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

First Instagram Picture.!!

The weather is just to great in Bangalore.. I love it. Ive been walking around the building, look out the window, take pictures (just to check how instagram works) 

Now, Before any of you start to think "Is this why Kavya Venkatesh gets paid?" Let me tell you all that i am amazingly good at what i do. I can proudly say Time management is my best quality.  Always and always make sure my work is done before i start walking around and dream. OK, enough praising myself.

I like doing this. I mean walking around and looking out the windows. There's construction work been done at one side of my work building and a huge farm at the other side. Both have lot of activity whole day. Which is good for me.. :-)

Here is the picture i took using Instagram.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Joy of new things..!!!!

Having a new phone is a whole different awesome feeling. Just got one and I've not stopped looking at it from past few hours. Its white in color and so I'll take extra care on keeping it clean at least for a month. Have changed wallpaper million times, listened to all ringtones, adjusted volume every hour, gone through all the apps although will never use any of those. I am not into phones and stuff but having a new one usually gets me all excited for few days. Then the excitement is all gone. Just like it happened with my camera.

I will be messaging and calling more than usual this week just so i can use my phone as much as possible. Will talk a lot about it. At lunch, breaks, dinner and any given opportunity. Will read about my phone in google (don't understand most of its content). Will compare with lesser known phones and feel great about mine. Will not even take a look at better ones. For next few months. Then I'll start looking at new ones, feel jealous looking at others having new phones and sulk. Don't want to talk about this right now 'cos I'm extremely happy at the moment and want to stay this way for few days. :-)