Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Need/Take help.. What's wrong???

I saw my colleague who looked like he really needed someone's help. His work had piled up and was trying to be everywhere. I was not completely occupied, so told him to let me know if i can take over few things from him just so he can concentrate on more important stuff. Now, I wasn't trying to say anything else. But his reaction was so crazy. He thought i was putting him down or assumed that i was showing off my time management skills or something of that sort. It wasn't my skill of working in less time compared to him or others. It was the kinda day where you can spare time for something other than your work and so thought of asking if he needed help. You know how it is.

But this guy's reaction is making me wonder if something has changed in the world we live in. Is it considered wrong to help or take help?

Maybe people don't like the word "Help". Should i have put it across as "Are you willing to share your work with me?" or something like that. I'm all confused now.


  1. I would like to draw a comparison of your colleague's reaction to why saying sorry is becoming tougher with time.. Although people know most of times that it was their fault, they prefer to give an explanation rather than saying sorry first. It's tough to say sorry in front of the people who interpret it as you being weak and exploit you later by making you the scapegoat.. Applying the same analogy on seeking help, your colleague might have thought (as you rightly assume) that it will go against his integrity or a question against his capability or something like that, which his ego didn't allow. So he got provoked.. It takes a strong character and a pure heart to say sorry or seek help which very few of us possess these days..

    1. So true.. I agree with every word you've said there..

    2. By the way, sharing with you the blog link of a person i really admire. He writes some really insightful and on-your-face posts. Check her daughter's blog too. Both are really good..