Monday, July 1, 2013

Joy of new things..!!!!

Having a new phone is a whole different awesome feeling. Just got one and I've not stopped looking at it from past few hours. Its white in color and so I'll take extra care on keeping it clean at least for a month. Have changed wallpaper million times, listened to all ringtones, adjusted volume every hour, gone through all the apps although will never use any of those. I am not into phones and stuff but having a new one usually gets me all excited for few days. Then the excitement is all gone. Just like it happened with my camera.

I will be messaging and calling more than usual this week just so i can use my phone as much as possible. Will talk a lot about it. At lunch, breaks, dinner and any given opportunity. Will read about my phone in google (don't understand most of its content). Will compare with lesser known phones and feel great about mine. Will not even take a look at better ones. For next few months. Then I'll start looking at new ones, feel jealous looking at others having new phones and sulk. Don't want to talk about this right now 'cos I'm extremely happy at the moment and want to stay this way for few days. :-)


  1. What phone is it? Not an iphone am sure..

  2. I have felt the same way each and every time, when i get a new phone!! The time flies thinking what to install and what not! crazy thing!!

    1. Aww... we are so so similar.. Only difference is i install many things and wont know what yo do with them..:(

      Thanks a lot for the gift praveen.. :-)