Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are you for real??

One of my colleague asked what my hobby is. Before i could laugh at him (come on..who on earth asks that nowadays?) i was told he collects ice cream sticks. He seemed very proud of it. When asked if he makes bookmarks and stuff out of it. He proudly declared "Nope.. I just collect them"  I couldn't think of a reply to that. Nothing.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. What could he be doing with sticks? Count them everyday and see it grow from hundreds to thousands?? Does he expect to become rich and famous by selling them? Would he display them in a art house? 
Does he plan to join them all and use it as a weapon? 

Got too many questions and not many answers.. which makes me feel like i'm into "Research" 

Now that i could spend almost eight hours thinking about stick man's motives, i'm going to spend many days finding out hobbies of my other fellow workers. 

Will definitely write about anything that's as crazy or crazier than "Collecting ice cream sticks"  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Don't judge me

I don't understand why people are judgemental. 

If i'm telling you about how i once signed my marks card in school, don't  think i'm  involved in the forgery scams. I'm not a cat killer if i put one in a freezer for ten seconds. I'm not stingy if i buy made in china plastic water bottle. Just because i bite my nails, don't think i'm not confident about myself. I'm not old and desperate if i watch Desperate Housewives. I'm not a boring person if i shop online. I'm not trying to lose weight eating fruits.. i really love fruits. 

Who are you to judge me? Judge Judy??? Tell me..

Actually i am trying to lose weight eating fruits..:-( 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Don't Wassupp Me

Hate it when i get a "wassupp" message. The one who has sent it think its "cool" and would obviously be expecting an equally "cool" reply from me. I don't even feel like replying as i cant think of anything to say. So end up saying "Nothing much.. How you"  

I would prefer "How you doing" or "What you been upto" to which i can always send a looong message.. :-) 

Another issue i have is one word messages. I pour my heart out in a message and all you can think of saying is "ok"  ??  Do you wish to get slapped by me or something?? 

Now that i think of it, guess i should start writing letters to all my friends. If you reply to my letter saying "hmm. ok".. You are no more my friend and will get a HATE letter from me  to which you don't need to reply.

Monday, July 16, 2012

O Holy Night

I have a song which makes me laugh every single time i listen to it.

I listen to it in cab, at home, at work, even in a spa.. :-) I just love love this song. 

Came across this  in The Sneeze blog and been making all my friends hear it. Few of them did not laugh and they are no more my friends. 

I want this to be played all over the World.!!!!

I tried for more than 2 hours to upload the song here. Was not able to. :-( 

Anyways.. here is the link to the song from the blog The Sneeze. Awesome blog.. Awesome song..!!!



Friday, July 6, 2012


I hate people who say things like "You've gotta love yourself no matter what"   We are all born to spread love"  "I am in very good terms with myself" "I have travelled to more than five countries but i love India" "I have oats for breakfast everyday" "Love my new Samsung galaxy S3"  "I call my boyfriend honeybun" "I call my gal Shona"  "I dont think Domestic Violence Act is needed in India" 
"I drink water only from Tupperware bottle" "What's Google?"  "I hate sugar"
"I love bikes.. What's Ducati? "  "Yes i drink....  slice and mazaa" "OMG"  "LOL" 
"I love gardening.. have three plants at home"  "I love making friends.. facebook and twitter? just waste of time"  

I hear such things around me all the time.. yet i'm normal. 

I am. 

Really. I'm proud of myself. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why is it Yellow Umbrella ??

It took me more than 2 months to come up with my blog title. It was changed more number of times than my blog theme. Girl Goes Blog (copied Clever Girl Goes Blog) to Kavya ( couldn't think of anything else) to I Can Blog to Droplets. I was not happy with any of those. I even went through the site "700 unique blog titles".. couldn't understand more than 500 titles. :-(  I went crazy looking for my blog title. 

Few days back, was just looking at my closet (girls like me usually do that) and i found my grandma's gift (Yellow Umbrella). It made me happy looking at it. My grandma has always given me five hundred bucks as my gift on birthdays or just when she felt like giving. So it was strange when i got this Umbrella from her few months back.

Anyways.. its Yellow and i love it..!!!  Sooo.. my blog title is YELLOW UMBRELLA... Yay..!!! :-) 

My umbrella looks just like this..!!!