Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are you for real??

One of my colleague asked what my hobby is. Before i could laugh at him (come on..who on earth asks that nowadays?) i was told he collects ice cream sticks. He seemed very proud of it. When asked if he makes bookmarks and stuff out of it. He proudly declared "Nope.. I just collect them"  I couldn't think of a reply to that. Nothing.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. What could he be doing with sticks? Count them everyday and see it grow from hundreds to thousands?? Does he expect to become rich and famous by selling them? Would he display them in a art house? 
Does he plan to join them all and use it as a weapon? 

Got too many questions and not many answers.. which makes me feel like i'm into "Research" 

Now that i could spend almost eight hours thinking about stick man's motives, i'm going to spend many days finding out hobbies of my other fellow workers. 

Will definitely write about anything that's as crazy or crazier than "Collecting ice cream sticks"  

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