Friday, August 3, 2012

To Do List

Every time i get into any kinda discussion about death, i end up thinking about experiences that i wish to accomplish before death takes me away. After thinking about it for three minutes, i make my bucket list and in two days would've lost it. This has happened to me from when i watched " The Bucket  List". 

So i'm going to dedicate one whole post in this blog to my To Do List so that i'll never lose it. 

Here it is.

Learn to play golf
Learn to play Violin
Go on a helicopter ride
Make a list of 50 books i want to read
Make a list of 50 movies i want to watch
Make a documentary film.
Have a pet
Open a book store
Have Magic Pop for breakfast lunch and dinner
Read "Terms and Conditions" 
Shop without looking at the price tag
Dance in the rain. 
Wear yellow boots and carry yellow umbrella
Eat everything i want to eat in a day without feeling guilty
Add "Princess" to my name for a week
Learn to type without having to look at the keyboard
Take a week off from work for no reason
Write a book
Write a letter to my closest friends to let them know how much i love them
Bake a cake
Take a road trip with Nisha (my best friend)
Make a list of all my faults and burn it
Be part of a flash mob

I just realized that my To Do list is pretty simple. Totally gonna work on accomplishing as many as possible. From tomorrow that is. 

Having Magic Pop Strawberry Crackling Candy whole day tomorrow..!!!!!! 

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