Friday, August 24, 2012


I just hate it when people continue to talk about something i don't agree with even after making it pretty clear to them that i'm no longer interested in talking about it. This has happened to me a lot. Infact it happens almost everyday. 

There are so so many things that i don't like to talk about. If we are talking for the first time and you expect me to tell you everything about my past.. something's really wrong with you. 

Don't ever talk to me about religion, caste and stuff like that. To me, there are only two religions and they are Good and Bad. ( guess Shahrukh Khan said that in the movie "My name is khan")

Do not talk about weather and seasons. I don't even know think about seasons. No matter what season we are in, i feel hot during the day and cold at night. Yes.. Everyday.

If you talk about music for more than an hour, might just walk away. I'm just not into music. Can't help it. 

If i'm saying "oh ok ok" for more than 6 times in 7 minutes, please leave me alone. 

To me actors are just actors. Nothing more. So if you want to cry about an actor getting married to his actress girlfriend. Please talk to someone else. 

Anyways you can always talk to me for hours about Two and a Half Men, how scary shadows are, ways to cook maggi better, how biting nails can make you smarter, how we don't need fork and a knife to have a meal .. 

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