Friday, August 10, 2012

Sour face

If you think Renée Zellweger is beautiful, something's really wrong with you. 

I feel she's got lemon or vinegar in her mouth all the time. I don't even think she can act well. Every time i watch Bridget Jones's Diary, it makes me angry thinking how they could show Colin Firth and Hugh Grant being in love with her. Of all the actresses they had to choose her or what? 

I'm just saying.. with very good make up, Elie Saab dress,  Liposuction and a year of acting classes, i'll be better than her. No doubt. 

To prove my point, i have the below proof. 

Where's her right eye??? 


  1. Poem...why don't you give a shot at acting? If you thought it was that is not everything and Renee does a decent job...It's all about attitude...but I like your confidence and I would love to see you dancing around trees on the big screen...:):):)

    1. i would try if someone paid for my Elie Saab clothes and Liposuction.. :-)

      Thanks for reading reddy..!!

  2. Poem...if the ROI is good, then I don't mind sponsoring the clothes and liposuction...haha...:):):)

  3. What's ROI?? return on investment?????

  4. Yes, you are right heroine...:):)