Wednesday, August 29, 2012

feliz día

I'm feeling happy happy. This doesn't happen very often.. 

Was thinking about the half naked neighbor baby smiling at me every morning. Cab driver uncle giving me missed call to let me know he is waiting for me. Cab mate reminding me about lunch box if i've forgottem to carry it. Another cab mate's mum waving at me everyday. College friend who's ever ready to teach me bad words in English and Malayalam. Bakery friend whom i smile and wave at everyday (have never seen him for more than 30 seconds though). Facility guy at work who makes sure the water is perfectly hot for my green tea. Cafeteria guy who prepares maggi at 6:26 pm as i eat at 6:30 pm. Blog friend/workmate/new friend who reads every post of mine and follow up with a nice long discussion about it.. Team mate cooking bisi bele bath (South Indian dish) for me. Cab driver playing old bollywood songs making the drive back home at night peaceful. 

I feel lucky. Above mentioned few and a lot more people have made a huge difference in my life. This is my way of thanking them all for being a part of me.


  1. Nice one Caveya...nice to know I am one of them who has made a difference...:P:P:P

  2. Thanx reddy.. :-) Yes.. I like how you always ask about all my posts. Makes me think more.. :-)