Thursday, August 23, 2012

I luv blogs

I'm kinda addicted to reading blogs. Not a bad addiction..right? Obviously No.. Anything that involves reading can't be bad. Although it depends on what you are reading. If you know what i mean. ;-)

But I've been following few Interior Decoration and DIY kinda blogs. I'm not even interested in art and craft stuff.. so bit worried about what's making me read about house decoration. 

Been thinking a lot about this and came to conclusion that its because of the pictures in these blogs. Everything looks so unrealistically pretty and neat. Used to laugh at a friend as he read books which had lot of pictures and very few words. Guess i'm like him now going through the DIY blogs looking at before and after pictures without reading about it. 

Anyways i'm just reading blogs at work. Not playing games. So its all good. 

Note to my manager if she reads this blog : please be informed that i am also reading blogs on "How to develop leadership skills" 

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