Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Things about me

1. I always eat a spoon of sugar after having maggi.

2. I pretend to be a famous singer and sing in my room thinking of it as a recording studio.

3. Love the color yellow even though have very few clothes in that color.

4. At work, i stare at the calendar for more than five minutes. Everyday. (just to remind myself of the holidays)

5. I take the stairs at work. Six floors. Thrice a day.

6. Before going to sleep, i delete my phone messages. Not because i don't want anyone to read them. Just used to deleting. If there's a message from someone special.. i write it down in my diary exactly the way they have sent, with date and time. 

7. I have never read a newspaper for more than fifteen minutes.

8. Drink more than five litres of water everyday and three cups of green tea.

9. Can't sleep if i've fought or had an arguement with friends. Will call them up at night, apologize for no reason and talk about something funny to cover up my weakness. 

10. I hate cooking and have never spent more than few minutes in the kitchen.