Monday, August 13, 2012


I hate going to the bank.

Everyone wears glasses and pretend to look busy. Once i even saw bank man going through his facebook profile while there were three people waiting for his signature or something of that sort. I don't even know what bank people do. "How may i help you?" lady's very rude and gets me more confused everytime i ask her about bank things.

I never ever go alone. Dad's my man when i need bank things to be done. He loves it so no complaints there. He always does everthing and gives me a copper token with a number on it and then i wait for the token box robot lady voice to call out my token number. This is the only interesting thing i like in banks. I love the robot lady voice which says " TOKEN 136" "TOKEN 122" or something like that.

After coming out of the bank, i say my token number in robot lady voice to dad and he laughs twice and ignores me rest of the day.

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