Thursday, August 30, 2012

Party???? No thanx

I hate it when people ask me "Where do you party?"  and when i say i'm not into partying, they look at me like i just said something unbelievable. How can you expect the whole world to be engaged in club hopping? If you are doing that every weekend or everyday(assuming you do not have a job) im happy for you 'cos that's your kinda fun. Not mine.

Now don't think partying is something i've done and dusted. Its not. Just not my thing. I can't get decked up, pay out of my budget to enter a party, listen to something that i can't even understand a single word of, look at extremely thin girls wearing clothes that i can't think of affording for the next ten years, come back home sad and hungry.

I have fun too. My way. Weekends are the days when i get time to meet my little monster/princess niece. I don't get to see her whole week. Even though all we do is fight, i like it. Its also the time i get to have a proper more than five minutes conversation with mum and dad. Meet friends for lunch or a movie and come back home for a good read. Sleep for more than 15 hours. Watch two and a half men back to back. Now who says i'm not having fun doing all this?

So next time we meet, remember to ask about how i spent my weekend and not which party i attended.

Thank you


  1. Sooooper Caveya...I love partying and that's what most of us think is fun and it really is fun, but your weekend schedule looks fun too...:):):)

  2. Thanks for reading sudeep.. i know you love partying..:-)

  3. well., i certainly go with this... Tell me about it!!! i guess, i jus get bugged with the music with senseless lyrics and plpe think its hype and cool and stuff to do!!! God knows wat they wanna prove to the world.. that are they cool by doin it or are they really enjoying themselves, cause half the crowd out there jus wanna prove a point that they are of importance(cool)!
    rather prefer a bottle with a live band playing some good music!!! there are a lotta talent out there... which is jus crushed by this roaring crowd unfortunately..

  4. Thanx for reading gladson.. :-)

    I agree with you. Partying just'cos you think its cool sucks. If you really enjoy the music n stuff, then its fine. Yes,live band is so so much better.