Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where has Coffee Bite gone?

All i hear nowadys are "Ferrero rocher" (which i can't even pronounce) "Lindt" (bit confused how to pronounce) and "Bournville" for which the ad says  "You don't just buy a Bournville, you earn it"  What??? I just want to buy.

Its chocolate.. don't make it complicated. Why are all the chocolate ads so long and boring? Just show me the wrapper and i'll be able to decide which one to buy. Not interested in knowing how and where it was manufactured.

Forget about all these unpronounceable ones. Where has Coffee Bite gone? Shop uncle thought i was talking about coffee powder brand he doesn't know about when asked about it. When explained how it tastes, was given a toffee called Melody. Having that just made me angry. Its just bad hard chocolate with horrible light coffee coating. 

I just hope Magic Pop does not stop their production till i die. Actually for the next 500 years. I want my children, grand children and great grandchildren to have. 

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