Thursday, August 16, 2012

happy happy?? No No

Reading few of my posts here, a friend of mine thought i'm going through tough phase which is kinda making me write posts in anger, frustration and other feelings of that sort. She is right. 

If you thought i was gonna disagree with the point made by her and write about how "happy happy" my posts are, then sorry my very few readers. I'm a girl.. don't expect me to be happy everyday. 

Anyways.. let me tell you all a little about my writing (wow.. always wanted to say that.. makes me feel like an author) when i login to blogger and click on create new post, sometimes i type whatever comes to my mind. I do. 

Everytime i come across someone or something awesome or stupid, i'll decide to write about it. Its just for a simple reason that i can always relate to things that are awesome or stupid. 

I know what you must be thinking now.. Yes, I don't have a name to my writing style yet. Will come up with something great though. 

Thanks for reading. :-)  (happy smiley) 

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