Friday, April 28, 2017

Busy Busy Busy.

I can't believe how long I've been away from my blog. Been extremely busy with work that gives me close to no time to do anything else. I have somehow managed to eat when hungry and sleep when sleepy. This is totally a new phase as I was never this busy at my previous workplace. This is challenging and obviously tough. Nothing good comes easy right?

I was so lagging behind on my reading that one day I just woke up from sleep and decided this is too much and I must make time to read. So started reading for 20 minutes before sleep. All these years, I couldn't manage to sleep without reading. But physical tiredness beats everything. Since the day of new job, my energy was drained every single day. All i did was have dinner and drop to bed. I did not like this. No. So decided little time has to be given to books no matter what. 

Same time as I took this oath, there was a book sale. This was a sign obviously.. :) So ran to this sale and picked up as much as i could. Someone like me can never have enough books. Its pure happiness to find them all waiting to be held and read by me. 

I started with two beautiful books (pictures below). One was a simple story written with so much love that i was completely immersed in it. I'm talking about "Recipes for a perfect marriage". I just couldn't put this one down. Beautifully written and loved it. Really gives us a great recipe to a great marriage. This one's going to be one of my fav and will be read over and over again by me coming years.  

Last week I read "Plan B" by Emily Barr. Goodness. This one scared me. Its about a man who cheats. Big time. Wife and girlfriend together kinda story. This freaked me so much. Wonder how these situations are handled by those who go through it. I still feel so angry when i think about this one. Had tears flowing while reading. At some point in book, it felt so strong that couldn't continue reading. I had to put it away, take some time and then come back. 

I need to start reading full time and also watch movies. Waiting for GOT.. :) 

Monday, January 23, 2017

2017..!!!!!! :)

Its 23rd of January and I'm still wondering how did we get here so fast??:) 

What a wonderful year 2016 was and I can only say so far 2017 has been AWESOME..!!!! :) 

So i started the year camping. Still can't believe this. I'm so not the type to go Camping.. But this time I really wanted to just forget about everything else and go ahead with it. All these years, managed to push this. Not anymore. Few of my friends are into hiking, fishing, camping n stuff that I've never shown any interest towards obviously. :) But this time I just thought "forget it, what could possibly go wrong" and went on. 

So around 25 of us camped at this beautiful place in Hassan. Quite close to Sakleshpur. It was my first time staying in a tent. I have to say, wasn't all that bad. I had over thought about it these years. I haven't ever been someone who had right words to appreciate Nature, this camping trip had me speechless. I couldn't even utter a single word. All this is only 'cos of the stars at night. Goodness.. It was spectacular. We could clearly see the falling stars. It had me wishing all the time. :) Some of us even wondered what have we smoked or drank that's making us experience this raw beauty of nature. I have missed this for so many years. Regret big time. 

We spent three days at this place, had this whole stage set for few of  our friends to play their music, yummy food to fill us up, tents to just give our body few hours of rest, great company and the best part was Milo, friend's pet dog who i think had more fun than us. I have danced so much these three days that had to spend a week to be all fine once we were back to Bangalore. At one point at night, it was freezing cold and all of us sitting around the fire to warm ourselves, looked up the sky and we all went quite. The view was so meditating that none of us wanted to come out of that state. Wish I had pictures to post them here. Will keep them for the next post. 

December 2016 was a month which saw me leaving Oracle. It was time for me to move on and the perfect opportunity came along. I made a decision to join my brother-in-law's firm as their HR. This was a huge change for me and I am still settling down in the new job. I miss my Oracle friends a lot though. Not one day goes without me thinking of them. I still haven't made friends at the new job and its going to be fine here in few days I'm sure. But those days of me running to SPAR to do some quick shopping, taking a cab to Jayanagar just to have ice cream and mango juice in Cool Joint, unplanned outings and much much more. I miss all of that. Maria Joyce and I quit Oracle same day and joined our new firms. She has joined MCC as their placement officer where she seems to be quite settled in. So happy for her. :) 

Wow. this was a long post. I'm writing after a long break anyways. :) 

Hope everyone's having a great 2017..!!!!