Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Back to reading..!!!!!

Feels so good to be back to reading after a really long time. I haven't read much this year and hate myself for that. 2017 is not going to be the same. I will not let that happen. Not been busy or anything. All i do is work 9 hours a day, get back home, have dinner and sleep. This is so not what I want. Always loved getting back after work, read for an hour after dinner and then sleep. Now its just work n sleep. :(

Anyways... I read below mentioned books recently and absolutely loved "The Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins. When the movie was released, knew it in a second that I need to read it first and then watch. So my lovely niece gave me this last evening and started reading right away. Couldn't put it down at all. Didn't even want to sleep. But had to. :) 

Was watching Koffee with Karan new season, the one where Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna were the guests. I loved this woman. She s so lively and not fake at all. First time I saw only her although Akshay was present. I am a big Akshay Kumar fan. Have always loved his comic timing. But Twinkle Khanna was superb on the show and this episode made me buy her two books. Have ordered on Amazon and waiting for Friday to unpack it and start reading.:) 

Here are the books I managed to read past few days. Looking forward to get back to my one book a month pattern. :) 

Image result for into the wild book
Borrowed this one from a friend. She spoke a lot about it and now i understand why. Kinda scary but in a way that makes you think A LOT.

Image result for no onion no garlic book
Quite a good read.. Kinda liked it.

Image result for the queen of new beginnings book
Image result for the girl on the train book
Loved it..!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sakleshpur - Chikmagalur

There are so many wonderful places in South India that we might need whole year just to travel across. Having a long weekend this month, drove to Sakleshpur with few friends and spent a day there. Just the drive was so soothing. We were all quite, listening to good music, enjoying the drive. We reached the place within 4 hours as we had only stopped for breakfast.

First thing we did reaching the hotel was to sleep. Goodness.. That sleep was so so perfect. :) Woke up late evening and walked around the local market. Next morning we drove to Chikmagalur. I was a first timer and absolutely loved it. Why hadn't i visited this place? We climbed Mullayanagiri which is the highest peak in Karnataka. How did i manage to climb??? God knows. I was too proud of myself only when we started walking back to our car. :) 

Lovely place and would love to go there again and again. Just for the view and the weather. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Its that time of the year when i love dressing up.. Yes..!!! Its Onam.. :)

I joined Oracle and it began. Have celebrated for five years now and really hope to continue. Something tells me this particular festival is going to be a big part of my life. :) The Saree, flowers, food and people are all so lovely. Have always looked forward to wearing the saree with different colored blouse and enjoy the specially made food. 

2012 Onam


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jaipur & Agra

I've not written here for long time now. Not been busy or anything.. You know how it is. Sometimes you don't feel like reading or writing also. This was so not my plan for this year. :( Wanted to read as many books as possible and write more often here. We are in August already and I've not read much past four months. Weekends are just flying (god knows how) and I've not even spent enough time with my family. I miss being with Vagmi n Ruthva. Must do something about this soon.

I had a team outing to Jaipur and Agra last week and been waiting to post few pictures here. Had a great time in Jaipur and would like to visit again in few years to explore more. But a big NO to Agra. Goodness.. This place is so badly maintained and the roads are horribly dirty. Even the place around Taj Mahal is not pleasing enough to even consider walking. I could not manage to walk inside Taj Mahal for more than an hour 'cos of the crowd and weather. Its so crowded that you can't even stand in a corner to appreciate the marvelous architecture. What really irritated me was hundreds of people pushing you just so they can take a selfie. I'm not saying I don't take selfies. But never have i pushed someone out of my way to get a good picture of myself. I saw a couple who let their kid go away from them just to click a selfie. Poor kid could have been lost in that crowd. Anything can happen there. We all want pictures and its absolutely fine. But lets just make sure someone else isn't pushed and pulled for this. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Not my cup of Tea - Or Slice of Cake..? :)

Being with people whose interests differ from yours make you think more than ever. To me one of them is Sports. I absolutely have no idea about any sport. Its not my thing at all. Never even spent few minutes thinking about it. Closest to anything sports related I have got is watching the Throw Ball match played by the girls in my team recently. Actually during the match I was on call whole time or checking my Facebook account or Pinterest.

So yea, Coming back to the point I'm trying to make here. Being with those who are interested in something other than your likes, make you realize how less you know about what they talking about. How much there is to know in this world. How little effort has been put by you to get out of your comfort zone even in thinking. A friend of mine is into Football and used to talk quite a lot about it. Which led me to think how little I knew about the game. Not that it made me suddenly interested in it. :) Nope. Not happened. Yet I felt I need to make a little effort at least to try to reply in a way that is normal. You can't just say "OK" when the other person has spoken about it with lot of passion. When i did this I'm sure my friends got irritated with me. :(

Its also about twinkling in the eyes. I have written about this in one of my old posts. Its awesome to talk to those whose eyes twinkle while they talk about what they love. This happens to me when I'm talking about books or movies. So when someone is talking about Sports with the sparkling eyes, I can't reply in a single word. When I hear them talk about their game, I can feel the excitement in their voice, a strong pull that they have towards becoming better at it, enjoying the whole conversation. I do not have this about Sports obviously. Might never feel it also. But its fine with me. Not everything in this world can be called ours.

Anyways, I am thinking about it. Will try to learn a bit as well. Just so i could continue a conversation related to sports n stuff.

But will i try to play any sport? Still a No. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Delhi, Darjeeling and Sikkim Post

I'm back..!!!! Feels good to login to Blogger and start typing. Although not sure what exactly. :)

Nowadays all i can think, talk and plan about is travel. This is all I have in mind. What can i do? Travel alone keeps me happy most times now. I am constantly thinking about where next. So, I was away on a super duper trip with Nisha, Gokul, Arjun and Padmaja to Delhi, Darjeeling and Sikkim last whole week. It was just so awesome. Time really flies when you are having fun with your loved ones and this is exactly what happened to us all. When we boarded our flight back to Bangalore, We were all quite and I was only thinking about how could one week pass so quick? 

We clicked a LOT of pictures and they r all so lovely. I'm usually not happy with the way I look in pictures, but here obviously real happiness showed on the clicks as well. I have posted few of them here. :) 

Will post some more later. Also Where Next? Hopefully Wayanad.. :)

Friday, January 22, 2016


Welcome 2016..!!!!!! :)

I have a strong feeling that this year is going to be just so great. :) I want to travel as much as possible. Don't care about the places. I just want to be on the move. Its already started.!!! I was on a solo trip to Srilanka. Gosh.. It was beautiful. I'm not so good at appreciating or even using the right kinda words for nature, but Lanka made me see the beauty in nature. Weather was also pleasant. Met lot of people and made few friends as well. I have always believed meeting people is the best part of traveling. I'm so glad to have chosen Srilanka for my first of solo trips. I was so scared, excited and curious to see everything.

Going on a solo trip really gives you lot of time to think. And this is exactly what I wanted at this time. In one of my previous post, I have spoken about tough time that I was going through in 2015. Well, Somehow feel I am ready to write about it here now. My testing tough time began right after I got married. Having known that I could not expect marriage to be a bed of roses, I was ready for some challenges and ups/downs. But few months into it, falling down and not being able to get up was the biggest task to me. I wanted thing to get better and see a ray of light at the end of all of it. But the light did not come at all to me. I lost myself, started losing respect certain relationships, couldn't write at all. I could not work well. Did not want to go out with friends also. At one point, when i couldn't take things all alone, I shared my concerns and difficulties with my family. Having a wonderful family as mine, I was lucky to get the best possible support from them.

So I decided to end it when it wasn't too late. It was better to stop getting hurt now than fall badly later from where I might not be able to get back. My family and friends helped me a lot obviously. I thank them so much. It was very difficult at that time when it was ended. Now its been a long time and I am pretty fine. I am moving on and its good for me. :)

Traveling was one of the things that has been helping a lot. Along with books obviously. When I thought about Srilanka, I just went ahead. So glad I did. It was such a wonderful place. I have posted few pictures in this post. Came back from Lanka two days back and I didn't get a chance to unpack as I'm off to Gokarna with friends tomorrow.. Yay.. :) Will post pictures here once back.

Here are few pictures :