Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sakleshpur - Chikmagalur

There are so many wonderful places in South India that we might need whole year just to travel across. Having a long weekend this month, drove to Sakleshpur with few friends and spent a day there. Just the drive was so soothing. We were all quite, listening to good music, enjoying the drive. We reached the place within 4 hours as we had only stopped for breakfast.

First thing we did reaching the hotel was to sleep. Goodness.. That sleep was so so perfect. :) Woke up late evening and walked around the local market. Next morning we drove to Chikmagalur. I was a first timer and absolutely loved it. Why hadn't i visited this place? We climbed Mullayanagiri which is the highest peak in Karnataka. How did i manage to climb??? God knows. I was too proud of myself only when we started walking back to our car. :) 

Lovely place and would love to go there again and again. Just for the view and the weather. 

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