Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oracle and Friends..!!!!

Sometimes few instances make you realize that you are very very lucky to have found great friends. If you've known me for a long time, will know for sure that I've had one girl (Nisha) as my best friend for as long as I or anyone remembers. I've written about this best friend of mine in few older posts here. There has been so many situations that I've handled well 'cos of her and going through tough times with her has always made me feel better. Meeting everyday or once in few months has not changed anything for us. We are still the same and this is the only thing in my life i can tell for sure that we will be the same forever. 

Talking about finding friends, it was not easy at my first job. I just could not have normal conversations with anyone and felt left out for various reasons. I also left the job in a short time so it was fine. But being with Oracle now, i can say I've found the right people who are as crazy or crazier than I am or will ever be. They are one of the main reason i wait for every morning to reach office and be with these people. I can share and do everything i wish and be assured of not being judged on my words and actions. What ties us all is a fact that we eat lot of junk.:)

So glad to be here. Don't ever wish to spend a single day missing them. Thanks you all..!!!

Chaitra, Beena, Amrita and Shipo

My team @ Oracle

Team's usual/favorite pose.. :)

Madhu and Sharon with me

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Books Books Books..!!!!!

The joy of having books delivered to where you are is a feeling i just can't express in words. When i get a call from the flip kart or snap deal guys saying they are waiting at the door to deliver the books i ordered, i start jumping around, happiness could be seen in my eyes. It feels so great to know that you are never out of books. I will any day spend on books than clothes or bags.

When I'm close to the end of a book, I start worrying. This is when i go to Flip kart or snap deal to look for books and order them. Every month i make sure at least three are bought. I feel this is the best investment i can make. I don't care if there are no jewellery or property to be given in future to my kids. I want them to read as much as possible. I will not even tell them what to read. Just want them to read. If they have no interest in reading, its fine. I'll never force them 'cos till ten years i had no interest as well. Nobody forced me. My best friend was reading a lot and looking at that for a long time made me follow it. So if my kids have no interest, at least looking at me might make them read a bit.

I have to say we are lucky to have Flip kart, snap deal and other online book stores which are just so awesome. They are on time, always keep me updated on the status of the delivery and follow the instructions given by me while placing the order. Now don't think I've been asked by them to praise them or anything of that sort. I'm just a super happy girl today 'cos of BOOKS...!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Password problem..:-(

Somebody please tell me how i can remember passwords. I was almost in tears sometime back. Logged in to Blogger and typed my password which was incorrect for so many times i started worrying too much. This was not the kinda end to Yellow Umbrella i wanted. I even questioned my friend thinking he had something to do with this. I even started writing down all the passwords that i have created for all the accounts. It made things worse and i couldn't remember many others too. And then just tried once more and it worked. God.. First thing i did was change the password and write it down on a paper.

Now my problem is, i know very well that this paper will be lost in a day or two. I don't want to save the passwords in my phone as friends use my phone sometimes. Another worst thing about this is, i can never ever remember answers to security questions. So what can be done now? I don't want to write it down on a paper or save in phone. Can't remember security answers.

Please please please tell me if there are other options.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Nowadays i have this bad habit of guessing what the other person would say to my question. This is extremely irritating and god knows why its happening to me. I'll be having a normal conversation with friends and would normally ask a question about something related to what we are all talking. But before the other person can answer, within seconds i start guessing what their response could be. I can't believe my mind comes up with many guesses within seconds. Does this make me a genius? I doubt.

Am i the only one going through this or has this happened to any of you? Let me know before i really start worrying and look at online counseling options.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mind games - Part 2

Few months back all i wanted to do was buy a camera and capture every minute of my life. Click as many pictures as possible. So i went ahead and bought one. I was very excited and actually took camera along everywhere. If you check my previous posts, will know i used to upload pictures that were taken by me over the weekends. Not one was good according to me but i was fine with it 'cos all i wanted was to click away.. :) I also planned to invest on a better camera and improve myself on photography.

But as it happens quite a lot, mind has changed and now don't even remember i have a camera. I feel so bad about this. Human mind i tell you.. Can change anytime any day as it pleases. And I'm a girl, so you can imagine how often and how well we change our minds.

Right now my mind is asking me to join horse riding classes. Should i do something about this?