Thursday, June 20, 2013

Books Books Books..!!!!!

The joy of having books delivered to where you are is a feeling i just can't express in words. When i get a call from the flip kart or snap deal guys saying they are waiting at the door to deliver the books i ordered, i start jumping around, happiness could be seen in my eyes. It feels so great to know that you are never out of books. I will any day spend on books than clothes or bags.

When I'm close to the end of a book, I start worrying. This is when i go to Flip kart or snap deal to look for books and order them. Every month i make sure at least three are bought. I feel this is the best investment i can make. I don't care if there are no jewellery or property to be given in future to my kids. I want them to read as much as possible. I will not even tell them what to read. Just want them to read. If they have no interest in reading, its fine. I'll never force them 'cos till ten years i had no interest as well. Nobody forced me. My best friend was reading a lot and looking at that for a long time made me follow it. So if my kids have no interest, at least looking at me might make them read a bit.

I have to say we are lucky to have Flip kart, snap deal and other online book stores which are just so awesome. They are on time, always keep me updated on the status of the delivery and follow the instructions given by me while placing the order. Now don't think I've been asked by them to praise them or anything of that sort. I'm just a super happy girl today 'cos of BOOKS...!!!!!!!


  1. There are very few left like you in this 'always in a hurry' world who love the smell of new books and take pride in finishing a book.. The other day i was reading one of Agatha Christie's novels in a return flight, my colleague felt awkward as well as guilty on seeing me reading and comparing his own reading habits (literature i mean) with mine. Being a management graduate i sometimes feel in the presence of others who read only business related books, when they read at all,whether i am wasting my time reading literature. Its not worth thinking abt it much i have realized. I would rather take time out from the hours i spend watching tv and read.
    Btw, are you in 'Goodreads'? if you are not, prescribe me some good ones. I just finished reading 'chankya's chant'. I am sure you must have heard of it. Do read it if you have some fascination abt chankya's unorthodox ideologies. Its worth it's price!

    1. Hi Arnab,

      I just love holding a book and reading.. Can read anytime of the day.. :) I'm not in Goodreads.. I have not read Chanakya s chant yet.. Would read very soon.. Read Krishna Key by the same author and loved it.. Reading Shobhaa De's Sultry days right now. Do let me know if you have other suggestions. :)


  2. Hey Kavya, I suggest you join goodreads. you ll find lots of reviews on good books. Btw, i am keen to read the krishna key too. I recently read interpreter of maladies by jhumpa lahiri. Its a collection of short fictional stories of Bengalies residing in US. I loved it. I was also reading 'life of pi' simultaneously but lost touch. I have mainly read Indian genre so far yaar. Trying my hands on foreign authors slowly.. :)

    1. Sure.. I will join.. I've not read anything by jhumpa lahiri. Should try soon.. I liked Life of Pi. :)