Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oracle and Friends..!!!!

Sometimes few instances make you realize that you are very very lucky to have found great friends. If you've known me for a long time, will know for sure that I've had one girl (Nisha) as my best friend for as long as I or anyone remembers. I've written about this best friend of mine in few older posts here. There has been so many situations that I've handled well 'cos of her and going through tough times with her has always made me feel better. Meeting everyday or once in few months has not changed anything for us. We are still the same and this is the only thing in my life i can tell for sure that we will be the same forever. 

Talking about finding friends, it was not easy at my first job. I just could not have normal conversations with anyone and felt left out for various reasons. I also left the job in a short time so it was fine. But being with Oracle now, i can say I've found the right people who are as crazy or crazier than I am or will ever be. They are one of the main reason i wait for every morning to reach office and be with these people. I can share and do everything i wish and be assured of not being judged on my words and actions. What ties us all is a fact that we eat lot of junk.:)

So glad to be here. Don't ever wish to spend a single day missing them. Thanks you all..!!!

Chaitra, Beena, Amrita and Shipo

My team @ Oracle

Team's usual/favorite pose.. :)

Madhu and Sharon with me


  1. It all about finding the right lot of people Kavya...and you did that ! Pray for me too ? :P

    1. Oh yes.. Absolutely.. Will pray that you find amazing friends.. :)