Monday, March 30, 2015

The Story Of Us

Past two days were spent in just sleeping and reading. I should've loved every minute of it. But what really happened was me just cribbing how broke I am to go out and do something. End of Sunday, i was so bored of staying home that Monday was a good sign to me.

I read "The Story of Us" by Dani Atkins and kinda liked it to be frank. Her first book "Fractured" I hear was one of the best books of 2013 and I still haven't read it. Will pick it up this month. The Story of Us was about friendship, forgiveness, confusion, love and happiness. What i really liked was the
way friendship between three girls were shown. I don't believe when few people or books say you can never hate your best friend. That's not true. At some point in some horrible situation, we do hate them. Maybe for few days, months or even years. Of course just like Love, If your friendship is meant to be. Nothing or nobody can break it. So i really liked how this book spoke about hating your friend for cheating and taking time to forgive.

Also what i liked about this book was, nothing was over the top. Complications were shown in everyone's life just like how it is for all of us in our lives. It showed how to deal with them and make the right choices taking lot of time. I am definitely going to read "Fractured". As per the reviews, its great.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

To move on

Its been so nice to have all the time possible to read as much as i love to. This is something I've always wanted and i have it now. Buying books has been my habit for the past ten or more years and this is one thing for sure will never stop. Sometimes i choose them randomly looking at the cover or
sometimes I go through Good reads recommendations.

I picked the book "The Love Verb" by Jane Green and have to say this one made me cry even more than "PS I Love you". God. I had to keep tissues ready for every single page. Half of the book is all happy happy but its the kinda happy where you know something's gonna happen and its not gonna
be good. Its about losing your loved one to cancer. So this particular topic breaks me down all the time. I have lost my aunt to Breast Cancer and I know how it feels to see our loved one become weak day by day and losing them to it. This aunt of mine was more of a mother to me as she took care
of me a lot while my mum was a working women. Even today my mum n I miss my aunt a lot and i can't even try to imagine how it was for my mum to lose her sister. This book was picked by me randomly 'cos i really liked the cover picture. But i made the right choice. When my aunt passed away, I didn't cry much. Infact i cried only for an hour or two. Back then that was my coping mechanism. This book is healing me now of that. I know it. I'm so glad for Jane Green to have written this wonderful book and thank her for helping me moving on. 

I have been doing a strange thing this month. For the first time, I started reading two books at a time. Along with "The Love Verb" I have been reading "Gospel of the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi" by Her Devotee-children, S. Nikhilananda. I have to say this is so not my type. If you have read my previous post on the type of books i read, you will know that mostly its about love, friendship, family and stuff. But this one is something I made up my mind to read it. I am not in a mind frame to finish it. More importantly, I want to take as much as possible from this book. My grandmother who is a regular at RamaKrishna Math suggested this one for me. I have been going through bad time for the past six months and I am not ready yet to write about it here. Someday maybe end of this year or next I hope i am ready to express a bit of it here in my blog 'cos writing here is again something that's been very close to my heart and it won't change forever i hope.

So to help me come out of my emotional mess, my grandmother suggested that i read this book and I downloaded the Kindle version and started. As said earlier, only motive with this one for me to learn and take as much knowledge as possible and nothing else. I am not religious and will never be. Any
number of books and movies could not change my opinion on religion. I have only one opinion on religion. To me, it doesn't exist. To me, there is only Good and Bad. I don not wish to give it any other name.

Wow. I wrote a pretty long post after a long time. I'm glad. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Can't wait for the weekend

I have found this amazing book center in Malleshwaram which has so many wonderful books on sale. Sad that i haven't even checked what its called.  They are second hand books and are sold at 50 Rupees. Oh my god.!! I love it. Been buying as many as possible. Most of the weekends, you can find me there picking up four to five books at a time. I read only English. But there are other language ones as well. Its a very small center usually not many people are in the that place buying books. This has made me kinda forget about Kindle. But I'll get back to it for sure. :) Although i prefer books in hand any day to e-book.

I finished reading "A Minor Indiscretion" by Carole Matthews which wasn't all that great. But pretty OK. I've been reading "Bleed for Me" by Michael Robotham  and will finish tonight. I really liked it. Waiting for the day to end just so i could go back home and find out what happens in the end. :) Will write more about this one in the coming posts. 

Last whole week was wonderful. Had very little work to be done at office. So few of us made it a point to visit a eatery everyday. If not for lunch/Dinner, at least for a snack. :) My whole team's too much into food. We had lunch at Sea Shell as it was Arabian night's special. Didn't make a difference to me as I am a vegetarian. So there I was having Aloo and Paneer as usual. Another day we were in Jayanagar Cool Joint for their famous sandwiches and ice creams. I had Mango milk shake which was just perfect. Then we did a little bit of shopping in Commercial Street another day along with Gola and Cotton candy. Many from the team had not been to VV Puram food street. So we had to go no matter what. I ate awesome Dosa and Puliyogre. Anything and everything tastes good in this food street. My favorite is the Bele Holige/Obbattu. Just perfect.

This week, we are back to working 9 hours. :( Arggghhhh. Its just Tuesday and I'm already waiting for the weekend.