Monday, March 30, 2015

The Story Of Us

Past two days were spent in just sleeping and reading. I should've loved every minute of it. But what really happened was me just cribbing how broke I am to go out and do something. End of Sunday, i was so bored of staying home that Monday was a good sign to me.

I read "The Story of Us" by Dani Atkins and kinda liked it to be frank. Her first book "Fractured" I hear was one of the best books of 2013 and I still haven't read it. Will pick it up this month. The Story of Us was about friendship, forgiveness, confusion, love and happiness. What i really liked was the
way friendship between three girls were shown. I don't believe when few people or books say you can never hate your best friend. That's not true. At some point in some horrible situation, we do hate them. Maybe for few days, months or even years. Of course just like Love, If your friendship is meant to be. Nothing or nobody can break it. So i really liked how this book spoke about hating your friend for cheating and taking time to forgive.

Also what i liked about this book was, nothing was over the top. Complications were shown in everyone's life just like how it is for all of us in our lives. It showed how to deal with them and make the right choices taking lot of time. I am definitely going to read "Fractured". As per the reviews, its great.


  1. Hi kavya. This book sounds interesting.. I wish I could be as patient as ur in reading.. Hopefully.. Will try to start reading books..

    1. Ha ha.. :) Its not really patience.. Interest matters the most. Of course you are so busy with Akshara.. I really hope you get time to read some books.. :)