Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Not my cup of Tea - Or Slice of Cake..? :)

Being with people whose interests differ from yours make you think more than ever. To me one of them is Sports. I absolutely have no idea about any sport. Its not my thing at all. Never even spent few minutes thinking about it. Closest to anything sports related I have got is watching the Throw Ball match played by the girls in my team recently. Actually during the match I was on call whole time or checking my Facebook account or Pinterest.

So yea, Coming back to the point I'm trying to make here. Being with those who are interested in something other than your likes, make you realize how less you know about what they talking about. How much there is to know in this world. How little effort has been put by you to get out of your comfort zone even in thinking. A friend of mine is into Football and used to talk quite a lot about it. Which led me to think how little I knew about the game. Not that it made me suddenly interested in it. :) Nope. Not happened. Yet I felt I need to make a little effort at least to try to reply in a way that is normal. You can't just say "OK" when the other person has spoken about it with lot of passion. When i did this I'm sure my friends got irritated with me. :(

Its also about twinkling in the eyes. I have written about this in one of my old posts. Its awesome to talk to those whose eyes twinkle while they talk about what they love. This happens to me when I'm talking about books or movies. So when someone is talking about Sports with the sparkling eyes, I can't reply in a single word. When I hear them talk about their game, I can feel the excitement in their voice, a strong pull that they have towards becoming better at it, enjoying the whole conversation. I do not have this about Sports obviously. Might never feel it also. But its fine with me. Not everything in this world can be called ours.

Anyways, I am thinking about it. Will try to learn a bit as well. Just so i could continue a conversation related to sports n stuff.

But will i try to play any sport? Still a No. :)