Thursday, September 27, 2012

muffin man

Don't you just hate it when there's only one muffin left and the man before you in the line buy it? God.. I hate it. 

That man has no idea how desperate i was for that muffin. Thought i would build a conversation and make a deal. Was ready to pay fifty rupees. Actual price is thirty. You can guess how bad i wanted to eat a muffin. But he din't look like someone who would understand the complexity of my want. So bought fruits and came back to my desk. 

Then realized had a bar of chocolate in my bag... Yippee . :-) So forgot all about muffin and had the chocolate in less than two minutes. 

Happy day..!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TV Shows

I'm starting to worry about my addiction to television. Very little time i get to spend at home is spent watching tv. I've been talking to mum and dad only during the commercials which makes mum so angry. Dad's just like me in this. No matter how serious the conversation is, he will discuss about it only during the advertisements and once the show starts, he asks us to shut up. At this point, mum s so irritated, she talks more and we all end up in a fight screaming. Aaahhh.. i love my family.. :-) 

Shows i love on the TV

1. Two and a Half Men
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Two Broke Girls
4. Modern Family
5. The Simpsons
6. Banged Up Abroad
7. Community
8. How I Met Your Mother
9. Raising Hope
10. Lie To Me
11. Glee
12. New Girl
13. Everybody Loves Raymond 
14. Rules of Engagement
15. Mega Factories

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Touch Wood

Every morning my mum makes me go back to sleep if i get up left side and makes me get up towards right. She believes good things happen when we get up towards right. My cab driver stops driving for few minutes if a cat passes the car from left to right or right to left( not sure)

There are so many superstitions and beliefs that we all follow knowingly or unknowingly. 

I've been wearing a wooden finger ring for the past four years 'cos everytime a bad thought occurs, i say touch wood and touch the wooden ring. This ring is extremely old and ugly but i just can't take it off. Another thing i've been following is every time i see the mail van, i cross my fingers make a wish and uncross fingers only when i see a black car. I've never come across anyone who has crazy hilarious beliefs and superstitions. 

Let me know if any of you have such beliefs. Would love to know. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Here & There

Time to have a look at more pictures shot by me.. i know you all were waiting for this.. ;-) 

Over the weekend, something got to me and i was taking more pictures of  prints, patterns and textures. So u'll get to see few of those. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog or Diary?

How is it that i'll be able to write when i'm happy but not when sad? Its not fair. 

There are times when i'm so depressed and want to write about it, my mind goes blank. This happens only when i start to write a post in the blog. Not when i'm really writing in a book. Can write my diary anytime. Its so strange when i look at what i've written in my diary and then take a look at my blog. They are so different. All my posts here are barely couple of lines where i express my anger or stupidness or happiness. Also while writing a post, i try to not go away from the topic i've intended to write about. Although not been able to i guess. 

But when you are writing in your diary or  personal journal or whatever you call it, you don't think at all before or while writing. I love that. You just pour your heart out in it. When you've written while crying, there will be patches of your tears in those pages. Years later when you come across those patches, u'll realize how much you've grown and learnt from that experience. Those who write diary regularly will know how horrible it is when the pen does not write well and we run around the house to find one single pen and we scream on top of our voice if its of not the color ink that we prefer. This has happened to me so many times and i've even gone out to buy blue gel pen at an odd hour just to continue writing. 

I'll never ever stop writing my diary. 


Wanted to post few quotes I've come across. I love reading them in Pinterest. Few are so so nice they always make me smile and there are many that i can totally relate to. 

I do this..!! All the time

Note to Nisha : This is for us

Sooo cute.. :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bangalore it is..!!

Is it too hard to believe when i say i'm not interested in living in any other country other than India? Not that i'm patriotic or anything. Its just that i like it here. Wouldn't mind visiting Rome and Italy for few days. 

Wouldn't mind???? Am i crazy? I would love to visit Trevi Fountain, St Peter`s Cathedral and what not. But the point is i would love to just visit. 

I love Bangalore. But if someone asks me what i love here. I'm sure won't be able to answer.  Auto drivers have been rude to me, bus conductors have cheated with the tickets, hate getting stuck in traffic and many other things that you would probably hear from all Bangaloreans. But i'm happy here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take the stairs

Its very rare that i take the elevator at work. I have two reasons for that. One obviously to take the stairs with hoping to shed the extra kilos.  The other reason is more important than the first one. I hate the awkward silence in the elevators when i'm stuck for few seconds or minutes with strangers. 

Its not that i've not tried to make small talk. Once i even commented on the weather (which is very very strange 'cos i never ever talk about weather) and din't get a reply from the stranger lady who was in the elevator with me. 

My worst experience was when i was in an elevator with five people and all of a sudden i had series of hiccups and everyone laughed including me 'cos i din't know what else to do. I was given advices on how to make it stop. One great advice was to think about something that scares me most. I thought about lizards and the hiccups actually stopped.  

Nowadays i don't take elevators if i'm alone. Trying to climb up and down two stairs at a time is any day better. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Here & There

Everywhere i go, i'm busy clicking pictures. Family and friends might be irritated with this but nothing can stop me now. Not getting any better at taking pictures though. 

Here are few i took over the weekend. 

Two best friends

I just got Fifty Shades of Grey delivered. I love you flipkart. How i wish to take a week off and read all three books. Now i can't wait for the weekend.

I had a wonderful weekend with two of my best best friends. Three of us have been friends past nine years and nothing has changed between us. Reason why there's never been any fight or arguements is we've never even had a situation where we had to pretend or lie to each other. I can tell them both everything and anything knowing i won't be judged. I was a bit closed minded when it came to many things in life and its these two changed me for better. They've been with me through everything. Over the weekend i irritated them by clicking lot of pictures. They put up with me with an irritated smile though.

Thanks a lot Nisha and Nakul.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun at work

You know how they say when you are feeling low, hang out with someone who can cheer you up and everything will be fine. They are absolutely right. 

This happened to me yesterday. Not that i was feeling very low or sad. But was not in my happy happy mode. Who can be happy when they have bit their toungue twice in ten minutes? 

Anyways, it was "fun at work" day and my whole team had so so much fun singing, dancing to bollywood music that i completely forgot about everything else. I'm serious. Forgot about work,  that horrible moment when you kick the CPU and get hurt, forgot about how sometimes i feel there's nothing to look forward to in life, how i'm not making an effort to get any kinda possitive change in mine or anyone's life, forgot about why i'm not into travelling and not giving it a try and many more things like that. You get it, right? 

But havig fun even though knew that somehow might be making fool of ourselves was AWESOME. I thank my crazy friends at work who can make me laugh and smile through everything. Was so happy yesterday that i forgot to even drink green tea and had lot of potato chips and chocolates.. :-) 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time to say sorry

Nothing seems to be cooling off my anger.. muffin, green tea, inspirational blogs, funny videos, online shopping.. Tried all those.. but i'm just not ok. Worst part about this is i'm not able to understand what i'm angry about. Everything's going perfectly good. So what exactly is my problem??

Come to think of it, i'm angry with my state of uneasiness. Being uneasy is horrible. You can't concentrate on anything. Can't even have a conversation with a friend about how cute Garrett Morris is in the show Two Broke Girls.

Staring to think this might be my old water bottle's curse on me. I didn't have a good break up with it. Just pushed it away the moment Tupperware came to my life. 

But do i deserve this? Answer me old bottle.

Fine. If you are looking for an apology. Here it is. 

Dear Old Bottle,

I will always cherish the moments we spent together. But i had to let you go. Only 'cos it was good for both of us and one of us had to make a decision, which i did. I will always remember you. Tupperware has taken your place on my desk but will never ever take your place in my heart. I hope you have a smile on your face (cap) reading this. I'm sorry for hurting you. 

Yours forever,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

My prayers go out to all those who lost their loved ones on this day eleven years ago. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Here & There

Bought a camera.. so you guys will get to see few pictures shot by me.. :-)

Those pictures that looks blur were not meant to be taken that way to make it look artistic or anything.. I'm just bad at taking pictures. God knows why i even bought a camera. I'll probably be taking lot of pictures here and there and post them till i get bored of my camera.

Okay then people.. take a look.. :-)