Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun at work

You know how they say when you are feeling low, hang out with someone who can cheer you up and everything will be fine. They are absolutely right. 

This happened to me yesterday. Not that i was feeling very low or sad. But was not in my happy happy mode. Who can be happy when they have bit their toungue twice in ten minutes? 

Anyways, it was "fun at work" day and my whole team had so so much fun singing, dancing to bollywood music that i completely forgot about everything else. I'm serious. Forgot about work,  that horrible moment when you kick the CPU and get hurt, forgot about how sometimes i feel there's nothing to look forward to in life, how i'm not making an effort to get any kinda possitive change in mine or anyone's life, forgot about why i'm not into travelling and not giving it a try and many more things like that. You get it, right? 

But havig fun even though knew that somehow might be making fool of ourselves was AWESOME. I thank my crazy friends at work who can make me laugh and smile through everything. Was so happy yesterday that i forgot to even drink green tea and had lot of potato chips and chocolates.. :-) 


  1. Haha potato chips ..don't worry ur already thin..u will nt put on if u hv it one day ..

  2. you have no idea how fat i am now..:-( U'll know on wednesday.. Can't wait to see akshara.. :-)