Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take the stairs

Its very rare that i take the elevator at work. I have two reasons for that. One obviously to take the stairs with hoping to shed the extra kilos.  The other reason is more important than the first one. I hate the awkward silence in the elevators when i'm stuck for few seconds or minutes with strangers. 

Its not that i've not tried to make small talk. Once i even commented on the weather (which is very very strange 'cos i never ever talk about weather) and din't get a reply from the stranger lady who was in the elevator with me. 

My worst experience was when i was in an elevator with five people and all of a sudden i had series of hiccups and everyone laughed including me 'cos i din't know what else to do. I was given advices on how to make it stop. One great advice was to think about something that scares me most. I thought about lizards and the hiccups actually stopped.  

Nowadays i don't take elevators if i'm alone. Trying to climb up and down two stairs at a time is any day better.