Monday, September 17, 2012

Two best friends

I just got Fifty Shades of Grey delivered. I love you flipkart. How i wish to take a week off and read all three books. Now i can't wait for the weekend.

I had a wonderful weekend with two of my best best friends. Three of us have been friends past nine years and nothing has changed between us. Reason why there's never been any fight or arguements is we've never even had a situation where we had to pretend or lie to each other. I can tell them both everything and anything knowing i won't be judged. I was a bit closed minded when it came to many things in life and its these two changed me for better. They've been with me through everything. Over the weekend i irritated them by clicking lot of pictures. They put up with me with an irritated smile though.

Thanks a lot Nisha and Nakul.

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