Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time to say sorry

Nothing seems to be cooling off my anger.. muffin, green tea, inspirational blogs, funny videos, online shopping.. Tried all those.. but i'm just not ok. Worst part about this is i'm not able to understand what i'm angry about. Everything's going perfectly good. So what exactly is my problem??

Come to think of it, i'm angry with my state of uneasiness. Being uneasy is horrible. You can't concentrate on anything. Can't even have a conversation with a friend about how cute Garrett Morris is in the show Two Broke Girls.

Staring to think this might be my old water bottle's curse on me. I didn't have a good break up with it. Just pushed it away the moment Tupperware came to my life. 

But do i deserve this? Answer me old bottle.

Fine. If you are looking for an apology. Here it is. 

Dear Old Bottle,

I will always cherish the moments we spent together. But i had to let you go. Only 'cos it was good for both of us and one of us had to make a decision, which i did. I will always remember you. Tupperware has taken your place on my desk but will never ever take your place in my heart. I hope you have a smile on your face (cap) reading this. I'm sorry for hurting you. 

Yours forever,


  1. Poor old bottle ..sometimes I dnt understand as to y we r so attached to non living things??
    My bottle,my blanket,my phone ..

  2. Yes dipti.. :-) same here.. don't know why we get so attached to things like phone n all.. :-)

    Thanx for reading

  3. haha....hilarious...ur bottle, umbrella, beetle, books...crazy and so obsessive you are with things, but I enjoy reading your posts so much...

  4. Ha ha.. :-) Thanx for reading..!!! Would like to know what you are attached to.. non living things..

  5. Hi Kavya,

    Good blog you got here. I like the way you write. Its funny. Keep writing.

  6. Thanx a lot for reading karthik.. :-)

  7. luvd readin this :)

  8. Thanx for reading sharon.. :-) will teach you to comment through your google account.. :-)