Thursday, September 6, 2012

two posts in a day

Have you ever made fool out of yourself, felt horribly bad for few minutes and not cared about it later ? If your answer is no, stop reading this right now. 


For those of you who answered YES, please share your experiences with me 'cos lately i've been getting myself  into lot of  "run away and never show your face to anyone" kinda moments. I just hope your embarrassing moments are so so crazy that they make mine look awesome and i start feeling better. 

A pretty girl was eating dairy whitener in the pantry at work. A boy wearing dark green shirt saw her eating, gave a "are you out of your mind?" expression and left. 'cos of that expression, she ate only two spoons of it and went back to her desk planning to never eat it again at work. 

Note : I'm the dairy whitener eating girl. Yes, the pretty one. My plans never work so went back and had three more spoons of it. I don't care about anyone's expressions when it comes to eating what i like.  

Not the ones wearing green shirts especially.

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