Monday, September 3, 2012

B'day gal..!!!

My best best best friend Nisha turns 24 today..!!!!  Happy B'day..!!!! 

I'm soooo happy.. 'cos i'm a year younger.. :-) 

Dear Nisha,

You know how much i love you. So not going to explain that here. Thanks a lot for being with me through everything. I'll never forget how we put your cat in the freezer (Note to animal lovers : It was just for few seconds), how we made a list of all our fears and bury it in your garden, how you got me into reading, playing choosing games, criticized every girl who looked better than us, coloring each other's hair which turned bad... i can go on with this list.

Thanks a lot for not leaving me when I've hurt you in numerous ways and not apologized. You know i'm not good with apologies. Thanks for not hating me when i laughed at your dead cat floating in a well. Anyone else would've slapped me. You didn't. This is why i love you. Can't wait for you to be back in Bangalore. 

P.S : Please start saving for our Europe trip. Don't expect a gift till next weekend. I'm broke.


Note : I don't laugh at dead animals anymore. Cried lots when my pet fish died.

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