Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ants Ants Ants

Mum's going to be back from her vacation in few hours. Need to be at the airport to pick her up.

This was actually the first time she was on a week long vacation. She was really worried about how we'll manage to live a week without her. Dad and I laughed at her saying we are perfectly capable of cooking, cleaning and taking care of other chores. Her only wish was to have a clean house when she's back. Simple right? No

The day after she left, woke up to find dad thinking about what to cook for lunch and dinner. Told him I would have all three meals at work so he didn't have to worry about me. He hates to eat out, so he prepared a simple meal anyways. He would wait till I get home from work to know if I've had dinner and go straight to sleep no matter what my answer was. I noticed that without mum, dad and I hardly spoke.

Monday morning mum left and Friday morning I saw that there were clothes all over the house and thousands of ants in the kitchen. Even in the salt box. Salt..!! can you believe that? My plan was to be up by 7 on Saturday and put all the clothes for wash and have a sparkling kitchen. But when has my plan ever worked?

Woke up at 11. Dad had cooked and cleaned the kitchen. All I had to do was put clothes for wash. But there were more than three bundles of clothes and I didn't know which were to be washed. So I forgot all about it, had Cheetos and milky bar, took a shower and went back to sleep.

Moral : I love dad (should talk to him more though) Can't live without mum. On a small research on what makes ants love salt.

Note : Bakery friend of mine wanted me to mention here about how he had his house move all by himself in less than 4 hours. Bravo my bakery friend..!!!


  1. Hello Little Sister,

    Its wonderful to know that Im the 1st person to carry you on my lap (in prema aunty's car) from the hospital till your home & watch you enter your house for the 1st time when you were born.
    Coz Im proud that you spend time doing these creative stuff, good going, do write an article about how we spent time with huge big ganag of people at rajajinager, different people, different personalities all came together for a cause during the ganesha festival each year.
    Rest i can give u more interesting tipics to probe on !!

    Have a great time " Kitanu Kavya"

  2. I'll definitely write about our rajajinagar days.. and our scooby doo show time.. :-) miss those days..

    Thanx a lot for reading patati.. :-)

  3. Kavya - Seena here, just think that few years from now, you also would be a mom :) and how would you want your children to act !!!!!

    Hope I spoiled your mood now :)

  4. Can't even imagine being a mom.. :-) i would definitely make my kids do all the work at home.. ;-)

    Thanks for reading seena..!!!