Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog or Diary?

How is it that i'll be able to write when i'm happy but not when sad? Its not fair. 

There are times when i'm so depressed and want to write about it, my mind goes blank. This happens only when i start to write a post in the blog. Not when i'm really writing in a book. Can write my diary anytime. Its so strange when i look at what i've written in my diary and then take a look at my blog. They are so different. All my posts here are barely couple of lines where i express my anger or stupidness or happiness. Also while writing a post, i try to not go away from the topic i've intended to write about. Although not been able to i guess. 

But when you are writing in your diary or  personal journal or whatever you call it, you don't think at all before or while writing. I love that. You just pour your heart out in it. When you've written while crying, there will be patches of your tears in those pages. Years later when you come across those patches, u'll realize how much you've grown and learnt from that experience. Those who write diary regularly will know how horrible it is when the pen does not write well and we run around the house to find one single pen and we scream on top of our voice if its of not the color ink that we prefer. This has happened to me so many times and i've even gone out to buy blue gel pen at an odd hour just to continue writing. 

I'll never ever stop writing my diary. 


  1. I'm touched, I can't agree more. Very true whatever comes in my mind I can write in my diary, even if it is an incomplete thought. I only had a regret that I do not write more often, exactly because of the pen and paper issue that you have mentioned. Now I have got rid of that, luckily one day I was browsing Google market and I got a personal diary application. I installed it in my phone, which also has a password. Now I keep writing whenever I want, anywhere and everywhere.

  2. What do you prefer? diary application in phone or book and a pen? :-)

    1. I definitely prefer the old fashioned pen and book. But the phone application gives me the choice of writing anywhere, nowadays what I do is I just jot down the ideas on my phone diary and then elaborate on my book whenever time permits.

    2. oh.. That's nice amit.. :-) i should give this application a try.. can't carry diary in my bag everyday..:-)

  3. Hey writing in a book is very good bt its difficult to carry it everywhere ..n u always hv a fear of someone reading it ..hehe ..

  4. I know.. hate that fear.. :-( i look for secret places to keep my diary.. :-)