Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Touch Wood

Every morning my mum makes me go back to sleep if i get up left side and makes me get up towards right. She believes good things happen when we get up towards right. My cab driver stops driving for few minutes if a cat passes the car from left to right or right to left( not sure)

There are so many superstitions and beliefs that we all follow knowingly or unknowingly. 

I've been wearing a wooden finger ring for the past four years 'cos everytime a bad thought occurs, i say touch wood and touch the wooden ring. This ring is extremely old and ugly but i just can't take it off. Another thing i've been following is every time i see the mail van, i cross my fingers make a wish and uncross fingers only when i see a black car. I've never come across anyone who has crazy hilarious beliefs and superstitions. 

Let me know if any of you have such beliefs. Would love to know. 


  1. There are a quite a few.. (1)touch wood is the most common one..sometimes when I say touch wood and do not find wood it causes uneasiness, so you carrying a wooden ring is a good idea :-). (2) The shooting star effect..popularized in India by a bollywood movie.. (3)eyelash blowing - keep your shed eyelash on the back of your palm and wish for something then blow it off..till date no wish has been fulfilled.. :-((4) a pair Shalik Pakhi sighting(bengali name, I don't know the English name of this bird) brings good luck, single one brings bad luck.

  2. I follow the eyelash one.. :-) Never seen a shooting star..