Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What next?

When someone hurts you, its horrible. But what's worse is when they are not even aware of this and treat you like nothing's happened. They go on living exactly how they were before and that makes you wonder if you even mattered to them. If we realize that we didn't really matter to them, what's next? Do we have to change the way we treat them? They meant something to you and suddenly changing the way you treat them is not possible. But caring so much for someone who didn't think twice before hurting you is not worth caring for.

So what are we supposed to do?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let your hair down.. No i won't

I've heard too many of my friends saying let your hair down and feel the wind in your hair. They say this usually when we are driving around and they all look out of the window(except the one driving, obviously) thinking about how awesome the wind is and all. I get to hear this even more when good music is being played. I want to ask them all one question. Will you help me untangle my horrible hair for hours later? No. All of you would go back home with super silky shiny hair and I'll go back with hair that looks like Marge Simpson's. I love her, but that's not the point here.

I understand my friends want me to enjoy the wind and all. I do, trust me. But i like to tie up my hair. Does wind care about it? No. Do i care about it? No. Am i having fun? Yes. So what's the problem here?

Next time one of you try to untie my hair without my permission, your fingers will be chopped.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ignore this post

I have one question to ask all the bloggers. What makes you write? Do you have something like a book of blogging topics that you go through and choose one subject to write on everyday or twice a week? 'cos i have absolutely nothing to write about today. Nothing.

I logged into Blogger and clicked on Create new post. That's what i do every time i log in, and start typing so loud that it makes people around me think I'm typing my resignation email. I would not do that 'cos its at office that i write most of my posts using laptop approved by my manager. God. What am i saying? Is this why I'm still working? No. I love my job, office, cab, cafeteria and everything. We even celebrate Doughnut Day. How awesome is that? Four of us had more than eight doughnuts.

Today when i clicked on Create New Post, i was kinda blank and had nothing to write about. So wrote about how i had nothing to write about.

I'll stop typing now.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crazy Stupid : I guess its Me

This post might sound so stupid that you might never ever read my blog. But i have to write this. Please understand.

There is a one weird person at work. Must be of the age forty. Its freaking me so much. I see this person everywhere. Have seen him standing at a corner of cafeteria and looking at people with a crazy dumb expression on his face. This expression is like those we see in the movies when the silent crazy killer gives you a spooky dumb smile just before killing. When i go to the pantry to get green tea, i see this person looking out of the window and never once turning around. Past two days I've not seen him with anyone. He's alone all the time. When i go for a walk. I see him walking around too. 

I feel stupid even writing this. Imagine if he thinks I'm the crazy killer type girl who is looking at him all the time. But trust me. I'm not following him or anything.

Maybe he's just looking at the new doughnut stall and smiling to himself trying to decide which one to buy. And looking out of the window (serious expression) trying to decide between popcorn and corn. And just like me, going for a fifteen minute walk every evening to lose the extra fat.

Now, i would like to mention that my family and friends have always told me about how I'm too good at assuming things. But am i so good to assume all this and worry about it for hours together and not even think the sole reason behind me being in office?

Yeah, I am that good.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Serious Post

I have a friend who is so religious, you will actually find him listening to devotional songs most of the time. Me, being completely non religious, get into numerous arguments and fights with him. I point out to him all the time that i believe in God or super natural power or what ever name you give. But not religion.

I don't like to get into such discussions 'cos to me its waste of time to even think about religion. But i argue with a smile to just check my friend's patience and his stand on things he believes. I have to say its amazing to see him talk about it for hours and never once even give an opportunity for me or anyone to alter his belief. I do feel bad to have given it a try to change his thoughts. He has tried to change mine and few others opinions on religious stuff but we have not given up on what we believe too. 

We've been having a lot of talks and discussions about right and wrong, what to do and what
not, whom and what to follow. Have never come to a conclusion though 'cos I'm assuming our knowledge on God, religion and other serious stuff is not to that extent of deciding on it, or maybe we don't want to conclude. At least i don't expect a final answer or an end to these kinda discussions. I'm not here to dig into the right and wrong mentioned by others and judge. I just want to learn about anything and everything. I feel all these are good to know information.

End of the day we all follow, share, read and talk about what makes us happy. If following a particular religion and visiting temples on Shivrathri makes him happy, good for him. Reading about Lord Shiva and how he was a normal human being like us but with amazing qualities, make me happy. So good for me.

P.S : Apologies for the title of the post. Just couldn't think of anything else.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beep Beep..!!!

There are days when i decide to live without any expectations. Be positive  take every day as it is, gracefully accept what happens, not blame myself or others for anything, go to sleep with a smile. I also create a reminders in phone to follow the above mentioned. 

But half way through the day, i day dream about so many things, lose track of reality. These dreams of mine are obviously over expectations. After few hours, realize that the chances of these expectations to be met are much lesser than me getting an increment. This makes the thought of trying to be positive go away. After which nothing i say and do would even be considered bit graceful  Somehow i find a way to show anger, jealousy, regret and so many other feelings in such a wonderful way, makes me wonder why i never thought of becoming an actor. 

In between all these, my phone beeps with a big smiley reminding me to stay positive  This is when i lose it completely and drop (some call it throw) the phone. And when you have a delicate HTC one, the broken screen reminds you of the super day till you get it fixed. 

End of the day, when my broken phone remind me to sleep smiling. I actually smile about how hopeless the day has been. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

I Am What I Am (Not always)

Its so easy to become a whole different person. For a short period of time. People say its pretending. I say its just us trying to be someone we wish we were. Again for short time. We become a different person with different likes, dislikes, interests and opinions. I think this change usually happens when we are trying to impress someone. We like that person so much for their thoughts and interests that we often find ourselves copying them, trying our best to not let them know this. We want them to think our likes and dislikes match theirs. Even if our opinion on a certain subject is completely different from theirs, we smile and agree to what they say. I say this goes on only for a short time 'cos we just cannot be someone else forever. Even if we really want to. 

I will never say its bad of us to become a different person to impress someone. I have heard too many people talking about how we need to be ourselves all the time. But is it that simple? No. Nothing is simple i guess. 

There's a possibility that once you stop being like the other person and start being yourself with the one you wish to impress, he/she might not wish to be in touch with you as your thoughts don't match theirs. But even after knowing this, they continue to be with you, argue on each and every subject. You are lucky. I know few of you might not agree with me on this.

I have friends who argue with me on almost all the things i talk about and i love that. I have been a different person with few for a short time, got fed up being that way and started being myself. I have lost few people and few have stayed back with me. All i can say is don't stop yourself from becoming a different person. When you stop, you are again not being yourself. Will always have a thought in mind that you are trying too hard to be yourself. So just go with the flow.