Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beep Beep..!!!

There are days when i decide to live without any expectations. Be positive  take every day as it is, gracefully accept what happens, not blame myself or others for anything, go to sleep with a smile. I also create a reminders in phone to follow the above mentioned. 

But half way through the day, i day dream about so many things, lose track of reality. These dreams of mine are obviously over expectations. After few hours, realize that the chances of these expectations to be met are much lesser than me getting an increment. This makes the thought of trying to be positive go away. After which nothing i say and do would even be considered bit graceful  Somehow i find a way to show anger, jealousy, regret and so many other feelings in such a wonderful way, makes me wonder why i never thought of becoming an actor. 

In between all these, my phone beeps with a big smiley reminding me to stay positive  This is when i lose it completely and drop (some call it throw) the phone. And when you have a delicate HTC one, the broken screen reminds you of the super day till you get it fixed. 

End of the day, when my broken phone remind me to sleep smiling. I actually smile about how hopeless the day has been. 


  1. For me even getting increment id damn difficult :)


  2. Nary a worry, better days ahead :)
    But seriously, living without expectations is really damn difficult (unless you are a hermit) and will be quite uneventful. Life without its highs and lows is no fun. But if one wants, they can find some thing to laugh about even when they are at their lowest.

    1. I know.. Wonder who can live without any expectations..

      Thanks a lot for reading.. :-)