Monday, March 4, 2013

I Am What I Am (Not always)

Its so easy to become a whole different person. For a short period of time. People say its pretending. I say its just us trying to be someone we wish we were. Again for short time. We become a different person with different likes, dislikes, interests and opinions. I think this change usually happens when we are trying to impress someone. We like that person so much for their thoughts and interests that we often find ourselves copying them, trying our best to not let them know this. We want them to think our likes and dislikes match theirs. Even if our opinion on a certain subject is completely different from theirs, we smile and agree to what they say. I say this goes on only for a short time 'cos we just cannot be someone else forever. Even if we really want to. 

I will never say its bad of us to become a different person to impress someone. I have heard too many people talking about how we need to be ourselves all the time. But is it that simple? No. Nothing is simple i guess. 

There's a possibility that once you stop being like the other person and start being yourself with the one you wish to impress, he/she might not wish to be in touch with you as your thoughts don't match theirs. But even after knowing this, they continue to be with you, argue on each and every subject. You are lucky. I know few of you might not agree with me on this.

I have friends who argue with me on almost all the things i talk about and i love that. I have been a different person with few for a short time, got fed up being that way and started being myself. I have lost few people and few have stayed back with me. All i can say is don't stop yourself from becoming a different person. When you stop, you are again not being yourself. Will always have a thought in mind that you are trying too hard to be yourself. So just go with the flow. 


  1. I totally agree :-) "Go with the flow" is the golden rule... :-)