Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I don't.. I do

Its really funny how we say "I don't care" when we are angry about something we obviously care about. I say this all the time when I'm angry with someone. It usually goes this way. I mess my mind about something silly, assume lots, blame others and myself for hours, cry over it for days. When the other person talks about, i say "I don't care about it". Then when he/she questions my anger again, i end up screaming "cos i care about it".

Friends who have been with me for years know very well about this stupid "I don't, I do" games of  mine. Its just not me. Have seen few of my friends go through this too. So I'm not the only one. This is so typical of us, right? The moment we realize there are others like us, we feel better. But when we feel there is absolutely no one else who share similar thoughts and opinions with us, we start questioning and doubting ourselves. I guess we just don't want to be alone. Even in our thoughts.

I'm sorry for posting this. God knows what exactly i wanted to write about. This has been happening too often with my writing. Wow.. Feels good to say "My writing".. :-)


  1. Very well written and analyzed...yes we all do that coz we lose a lot of our rational thinking when we are emotionally involved!


  2. even if he who feels like a cannibal is also not the only one and can easily make a community,online :D with 100s adding up !! well,its not only good to realize facts ... but also to confess publicly !! regarding writing, you should write whatever you wish to...why bother about being read ... only then the writer inside you will start exploring freely ... well.. i liked your confessing post !! :)

    1. Ha ha.. :-) Agree with you..

      Thanks a lot for your words.. :-)