Friday, February 15, 2013

Cute Idea Ad

I've been so busy with work, had no time to check my personal emails. Not that i had any to be read. Didn't even have enough time to take a look at the blog page view count. But i love this. Being busy with work makes me happy. Thought have had very less sleep this week, its great to be occupied.

Its been such a work week that I've not even read a single page of any book. Thanks god its Friday and i have two whole days to read.

But there's something that's made me smile a lot this week. Its the Idea Valentines Day ad. God.. Its so cute that i don't miss watching it every time its on TV.

Here it is..


  1. Yeah I too have been talking abt this ad with a lot of my friends. I like the part where the guy says 'basss! bakwas mat karo.. I love you" and the best of all - "flower.. bis rupaiye ka. Cauliflower le aate.." Too good!! :)