Monday, February 25, 2013

MIA - The End

He's back.

But with super bad attitude. Just asked him where he was past three days and his reply was "was in home town to celebrate a festival, what's wrong in me going away???" Now I'm like pretty sure my question was not rude or didn't even accuse him of running away. It was a simple "where were you"
question. Didn't know what to say after that. Just drank coconut water and came back to work.

I'm guessing too many people had asked him the same question and he was fed up answering. If he had just told us before leaving. This day could be avoided.

If you are wondering who I'm talking about. Please read my previous post. 


  1. Replies
    1. Does it?? Thank god.. was feeling weird about it.. :-)

  2. I too asked him where he went...he said Mysore..I did not probe further...hope he will be around for sometime...was happy that my healthy habit will go on for some more time... :-)

    1. no he was not...that's why did not ask anything else..I think you are right too many people may have asked him the same question and by the end of the day he got irritated... now he will think twice before absconding like this... :D

    2. Oh wow.. Good.. Now I'm happy that he was not nice to you as well.. :-)