Friday, February 1, 2013

My Jiju is the best..!!!

I was a fourteen year old girl when my sister got married. It didn't matter to me much 'cos thought nothing's gonna change in my life. The wedding day to me was just about dressing up in new clothes, have good food and walk around with friends and family. At that point was not aware that my sister's soul mate would become one of those very few i look up to.

I say look up to 'cos he's proves everyday how easy it is to not judge people, not talk bad about even our worst enemies. He stays calm at any situation no matter how hard it is. He's been a great brother-in-law, friend, money lender and adviser to me. He's the only one I've met till now who talks about positive things even in anger. There has been situations when i needed someone to get me back to reality and think practically and he's done that. Days when i wanted nobody to talk but listen to me and he was there to listen. He's got along so well with my parents that i sometimes feel he's my brother and got home a daughter-in-law. I know my sister's gonna hate me for this.. :-)
I thank him for everything. For all those days we fought over silly things, argued on our different opinions 'cos he taught me a lot through those fights and arguments. And the days when he has supported me when i felt the whole world was against me. I've never thanked him 'cos he knows its easy for me to write about thanking and stuff but can never say it face to face.

He's been a great brother-in-law and i know would continue to  be so.

Happy Birthday Jiju.. :-) :-)


  1. Thanks Kavs...! Hope I have and will be able to live-up-to what you wrote above... :-)

    Seeing you grow over the last 10+ years was a pleasure... I have enjoyed it the same way as I enjoyed the growth of my sweet little daughter Vagmi... I am proud of you for whatever you have achieved thus far in life and I am sure you will make all of us feel even prouder in the coming years...

    May god bless you lots of happiness in life.

    Once again Thanks for everything.

    1. You are welcome jiju.. :-) Thanks for your words.. :-)

      Treat this weekend.. :-)

    2. Ravi, I echo what Kavya has written. Looking at you, I understand how a son-in-law should be and you are my role model. I am trying to become a better son-in-law.
      Kavya - I think life is an orchestra and every person needs to be synchronised, only then life will be wonderful. I am sure your own little effort was also there for Ravi to become comfortable and become the son (I am not demeaning Ravi here)

    3. He's been a great son-in-law.. :-) And you have been a very good brother to me.. Thanks a lot foe everything.. :-)

  2. U r lucky. And the act of gratitude will always keep the flavor of the relationship in flow.

  3. that's a lovely post! wishing your jiju a very happy birthday!!

    btw, can you change the design a bit here. your visitors won't be able to scroll down because there are too many things on the right hand side. and if they cannot scroll down how will you get comments?

  4. Thanks a lot Deb.. :-)

    Oh god.. Didn't even think about this. But I'm not very good at this and not sure how to go about changing the design. Will take some help and change very soon. Thanks for letting me know.. :-)

  5. Kavya, congrats on winning the Liebster award. Awesome. Everytime I read your blog, I learn new things about life. You are my inspiration and thank you for this.

  6. God created different relationships and made them protectors and providers. Those who understand this logic, they create wonderful relationships and spread peace, love, harmony. Kudos to your Jiju and to you and may God bless you more happiness in the years to come.